Scope of Online Education in Rural India

There are various challenges faced by students as well as teachers alike, especially in the rural areas. These include age-old teaching methodologies, a lack of teaching aids, and outdated teaching material. Here’s how the new wave of online education can be beneficial for the students dwelling in rural areas.

Education, like every other thing in this universe, keeps evolving. In fact, the face of education today is nothing like when it was first conceptualized centuries ago. If we compare the education which was given just a decade ago is nothing like 2021 education. Today’s education is online, self-driven, and economic. It has been only after the Covid-19 Pandemic that education in India could be revolutionized into Online Spectrum.

Importance of online education:

Online education is not less than any boon in the current scenario where students in rural setups do not have equal access to educational infrastructure. The online wave has only brought inequality and inclusivity in the houses of people. With over 400 Million students residing in villages, traditional learning did not elevate the opportunities for the villagers at all in all these years.  Although with the sudden upsurge in the digitalization of education in recent times, it has become reasonable to alleviate the aforementioned challenges. Online education does not require very huge setups or physical presence, rather a smart device and a mobile internet network! Students can have access to study any subject in any language they wish to, at their fingertips, from the comforts of their homes! This also allows them to have more time to juggle between household work and studying. Further, online education has made it feasible for teachers to teach online through online teaching apps in remote setups, increasing employment as well as educational standards in the countrysides. This is revolutionary in the history of rural India.

Digital proposals to reinforce education in Rural India

The ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic made it the need of the hour to resort to online means of teaching as well as learning, since all the educational institutes have been closed since 2020. . Though some suspected that it is only a trend, and would fade away post-lockdown, this hasn’t been the case at all, nor it tends to be. Online Education has been welcomed whole-heartedly by the Indian recipients. Though no method is a hundred percent ideal, and it has its fair share I disadvantage, it is the only apt method available, in the light of today’s situation. Though we do not know what is the fate of this technology in the future, it is for sure that it is not going anywhere anytime soon. Rather, would only be made more advanced.

There’s a frightening uncertainty about when educational institutes like schools and colleges can recommence execution at a standard aptitude. In this situation, the focus has been shifted to online education and online learning that make available unbounded opportunities to students, so that they can take delivery of quality education remotely.

In the light of synergy of the public and private division in education, the rural areas of India have been empowered with online teaching tools, online classrooms and have facilities to learn through online lectures. This corporation is also being plateful in explaining the trouble of scarcity of teaching staff in rural schools, and other loopholes of traditional education.

Alike any new change, the new methods of teaching can pretense early challenged to teachers as well as students in isolated areas. Slowly but surely escalating their contact to digital technology and appropriate training to teachers can lend a hand to accomplish the objective of total digitization of education in rural India, and reduce illiteracy and unemployment.

Nevertheless, just introducing contemporary methods of education would not be adequate for quality teaching and learning. Face-to-face interactions among teachers and students are extremely vital for learning. On online teaching apps, the facility of face timing, live session, and the chatbox is available, hence not compromising with the factor of personal interaction. You have to know grammarly discount for students.

The growth and evolution of any civilization depend on availability as well as the accessibility of information, and the same is pertinent to rural India as well. Online education can work progressively in this direction and help out the marginalized community to accomplish their dreams and aspirations, given a strong and prepared fundamental pitch is prepared!

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