Score more than 95% in class 5 maths 

Maths is a tricky subject that requires constant practice to ace the exam, and it is the only subject with no room for mugging up and can score the highest marks in the exam. Except for practice and proper planning, there are no other shortcuts to top in the Maths exam. 

This article provides you with the tips which you must follow with a dedication to score more than 95% in the CBSE class 5 Maths exam. 

Know the syllabus and marks weightage: Students should have an idea of what to study. You should know the latest syllabus and marks weightage for the Class 5 Maths exam. When you know the marks weightage for each chapter, it will help you to prepare a timetable. You will also know which chapters to focus more on and how much time should be allotted for each unit. It is highly recommended to stick only to the syllabus as questions for the exam will be asked only from it.

Make Study Schedule: Students should prepare a proper timetable before they start studying. With no proper schedule, it will be hard to perform well in the exam. Make daily schedules of what topics to be completed. Students should practice maths daily at least for 1 hour or more. You should try to complete the entire syllabus beforehand to have more time for revision. Make a list of chapters that you are good and weak in. Finish all the easy chapters first and then focus more on the chapters that you feel is difficult.

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Take Breaks While Studying: Maths requires concentration. It will become difficult if you practice for a long time. Take a short break or nap before you move to the next chapter to relax your mind. Do meditation for 5-10 minutes in between your studies to increase your concentration and be mentally prepared for the next schedule.

Don’t neglect the NCERT book and NCERT solutions: NCERT Class 5 Maths book is the best study material for the exam as it covers the entire syllabus. Students should strictly follow this book as all the questions in the exam are derived from this book only. Maths is not a subject of memorization. Students should thoroughly understand all the concepts from the textbook. You should solve all the questions given in the textbook including the examples, solved and unsolved questions on your own. Refer to the NCERT solutions which are easily available online to check your answers. NCERT solutions are of great help as they save your time as well as provide accurate solutions for all the chapters in an easy manner. You can easily revise using these solutions.

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Practice: Maths is the subject which you can feel easier after a lot of practice. Practice regularly different types of problems as it is the only way to make you perform better in maths. You will also know how well you have understood a concept. Regular practice will improve your problem-solving speed as well as accuracy. Time is also a very important factor while solving. Know how much time you are spending on a problem and try to solve the problems in a short time. Practice the NCERT questions twice for you to master them. 

Clear your doubts: To score well in the exam, it is necessary for you to clarify all your doubts immediately with the help of teachers or other resources. You should have a strong grip on the concepts and topics. Don’t neglect even a small doubt that comes to your mind. Instead, get them clarified as soon as possible. 

Practice worksheets and sample papers: This is the best way to track the student’s learning progress. Class 5 maths worksheets are very important to practice as advanced concepts like decimals, factors, geometry along with ratios and percentages are introduced. These worksheets challenge the students to come up with different ways to solve these topics. Practising CBSE Class 5 Maths Sample Papers is very useful as it helps the students to improve their analytical and problem-solving skills. You can increase your accuracy and speed. Apart from these, you will be able to analyse the areas you are weak in or facing difficulty in. You can spend more time strengthening those areas. Finally, you will be able to gain a strong understanding of various topics. Rather than being stressed, practice worksheets and sample papers to score 95% in the exam. 

Solve previous year’s papers: This is also one way to revise. Students can get an idea about the difficulty level of the exam by practising previous years papers. You can also get to know which topics are important and what type of questions will be asked in the exam. Set a time and solve these papers for you to know how much time you are taking to complete the paper. You can also improve to manage time in solving the problems. 

Revision: Students should revise the entire syllabus before the exam at any cost. Remember all the formulas. Make sure you covered the entire syllabus and give special attention to the topics which have more weightage.

How to attempt the exam: Before starting the exam, go through the question paper twice. Make sure your handwriting is neat. Start with the questions you are familiar with and quickly solve them. This is because when you start with a difficult question and get stuck with it, you will lose time to solve other problems you know. Do not overwrite or scribble or strikeout. Don’t skip the steps. Even if your answer is wrong, you will get some marks at least for the right formulas and the steps. 

Hope all these tips will help you to write the solutions accurately and quickly. There are two things which you should always keep in mind: keep calm and keep practising maths regularly to release exam stress and to secure 95% in the Class 5 Maths exam. All the Best!!

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