Choosing the best site might be a lot more difficult and confusing than it used to be. This is owed to the fact that there are numerous platforms out there. These platforms could either be a website or a mobile application. Each platform has different features that a gift card trading platform should have as well as a myriad of gift card types that they support.

In as much as these apps are good in their own way; The GiftCards Hub stands out from the pack. Over the years the GiftCards hub has become the standard that every other app should follow

GiftCards Hub is a reliable, trustworthy, and verified platform to sell gift cards. It is arguably the best site to trade gift cards in Nigeria. Giftcards Hub have been around since 2017 and have served Nigerians with impeccable trading services.

Giftcards hub offers the best rates in Nigeria. This platform helps its customers to maximize profit by ensuring that gift cards are sold above the normal exchange rates. GiftCards sells at the best rate while ensuring that their customers are well pampered. Yes! Their customer support works round the clock to ensure that they offer nothing but absolute responsiveness.

Sell gift cards for cash instantly on GiftCards Hub. After transactions have been made and confirmed, payments are made immediately. This has enabled them to earn the trust of their customers over the years.

Even more, the GiftCards hub is adequately secured to protect users from scammers and rippers. GiftCards hub adheres to a strict privacy policy that protects the privacy of its customers from third parties and hackers.

How to sell gift cards on Giftcards Hub

The GiftCards Hub website is customer-friendly and can be easily navigated by anyone. Sell gift cards for cash on GiftCards Hub by following the simple steps.

  1. Create an account here if you’re new.
  2. Login to your dashboard.
  3. Select a preferred gift card from gift cards options.
  4. Select the category of the gift card.
  5. Input amount in dollars. After this, your gift card amount is automatically converted to naira
  6. Upload the gift card image in the space provided.
  7. Click on place order to complete your trade.

How to check the current rate of any gift card

The two major factors affecting the exchange of gift cards are the demand and supply of the card. If the card is in high demand but low supply, the exchange rate is high but if it’s in low demand and high supply the exchange rate will be low. Fortunately for you, GiftCards Hub is here to help you keep up with the constant fluctuation of gift card exchange rates. An accurate gift card rate calculator is used to calculate your rates with ease. This rate calculator is constantly updated to check any gift card rate. Calculate gift cards rate by clicking here.

Here is a list of popular gift cards and how much they’re sold on GiftCards Hub.

Gift cards Rates in naira per $100
Apple Store 40,000
iTunes 32,000
Sephora 34,000
USA AMEX Gold 35,000
Steam Wallet 28,000
Nordstrom 34,000
eBay 33,000
Google Play 33,000
Amazon 33,000
USA Visa 31,000
USA Vanilla Visa 34,000-35,000
USA Walmart 32,000
Nike 32,000


Frequently asked questions

How do I withdraw funds from my GiftCards Hub wallet?

GiftCards Hub is intentional about fast payments because they understand that late payments can breed distrust. Hence, your funds are sent to your GiftCards Hub wallet immediately the transaction is confirmed. To withdraw funds to your bank account, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Log in to your dashboard. Create an account here if you’re new.
  2. Scroll down to the “withdraw funds” section.
  3. Input the amount you want to withdraw and preferred bank account details.
  4. Within 5 minutes your funds will be sent to your account without any accrued hidden charges.

Does GiftCards hub pay customers in cryptocurrency?

No! GiftCards Hub does not pay its customers in any cryptocurrency. It only pays in naira. Visit to get started.

What gift cards does GiftCards Hub support?

GiftCards Hub supports a wide array of gift cards that include; eBay, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, steam wallet, Sephora, Nordstrom, USA visa gift card 100-500, Apple Store, USA AMEX GOLD 3779, USA vanilla visa/onevanilla, USA Walmart gift card, Nike gift card, and lots more.

Can I add more than one account to my GiftCards Hub wallet?

Yes, you can save more than one bank account and select anyone during withdrawal. Visit to get started.

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