Service Hero Academy – The Future of HVAC Sales

Every HVAC business needs to have experts they can count on. This means that the professionals they bring on board should be well trained and equipped to bring in more business and eventually encourage profitability. Things have to start right from the word go for this to happen. Therefore, it is essential to hire professionals that have been equipped through adequate training to deliver precisely what your business needs.

Victor Rancour the owner of Absolute Airflow an air conditioning company came up with the perfect app that offers HVAC professionals and business owners a solution. The Service Hero Academy app is the perfect HVAC sales training platform. The creators aim at providing solutions to ever-growing business needs. They have experienced most if not all the challenges in the industry, making their training course timely and relevant. You do not have to worry about hiring skilled HVAC technicians with zero HVAC experience.

With this platform/ app, even the newest HVAC employee can learn to deliver expected results in not more than 30 days. Once your technicians go through this intense training, they will be able to register increased repair tickets, not forgetting that ticket sales will also increase since the comfort advisors will also be adequately equipped. This app allows your technicians to be super equipped to handle all the HVAC industry’s challenges.

But How Does it Work?

Victor and his colleague have managed to create over 250 effective courses. These come in video form, and the two coaches cover all essential details needed to help HVAC technicians close high ticket jobs, deal with objections, and handle all other challenges related to the industry.

Anyone who wants to use the platform can also benefit from unlimited access. For example, the service Hero platform allows you to give your HVAC employees access to relevant courses around the clock. Moreover, on-demand access requires users to click on ICON to access the course anywhere they want, without even being connected to the internet.

There is also the aspect of in-house coaching. The platform allows companies access to their sales team. This means that it is possible to tackle sales issues within your organization. In addition, businesses can benefit from virtual on-site training sessions to deal with their specific issues. This platform allows businesses to get to the next level.

You also benefit from updated content since the information on courses is updated daily. The creators are dedicated to ensuring that consumers get exactly what they need. This is achieved through the weekly Q&A sessions.

Benefits of Selecting HVAC Sales Training Platform

If you decide to select this platform, you can be sure of getting personalized coaching services from Victor and Mike and the whole Service Hero Academy Team. The training gives your business the capacity to scale faster and build a sustainable business that can withstand economic downturns.

The software’s strong capabilities ensure that an HVAC business owner is convinced that their technicians will be adequately trained and equipped to handle the industry head-on. There are certifications awarded at the end of the training, along with progress reports. Your technicians will learn more than 16 courses that are instrumental in taking your business to the next phase. Find out which package works for you and your team.

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