Simple Tips to Decorate a Coffee Table

Do you want to freshen up the interior by decorating the coffee table with new items but don’t know where to start? No worries – we’ve put together some simple tips to help you take the first step with ease. Instead of making blind steps and guessing what will work, be inspired by our simple tips.

#1 – Items of Different Levels

When decorating a coffee table, choose items of different heights. A large vase of flowers will contrast with scented candles or figurines. If you have a lot of pieces of the same size, you can place some of them on top of a stack of books to create a harmonious composition. If you are unsure how some items will look on a coffee table, then you can always use a virtual staging solution from the spotless agency to visualize the space and make an informed decision.

#2 – Sculptural Objects

Personalize your living room with unique items. Sculptural details are especially relevant today. Souvenirs from travel or finds from the flea market will also perfectly complement your coffee table.

#3 – Uniform Style

As well as in the whole apartment, you can choose a certain style of coffee table design. It can be rustic or minimalism, boho-chic or Scandinavian – it all depends on your imagination!

#4 – Compositions

In order not to clutter up the tablespace, group items with each other. And a tray can become your main assistant in this. You can place candles or small figurines on it and remove everything at once along with the tray if you suddenly need more space.

#5 – Books

Decorate your coffee table with books or inspirational magazines. You can emphasize your individuality by leaving one of the works open at your favorite chapter or page.

#6 – Objects of Different Forms

Feel free to mix not only contrasting materials but also different shapes. For example, place a round vase on a rectangular or square coffee table. They will make a unique and stylish composition.

#7 – Ceramics

In the era of mass production, handmade items are especially valued due to their authenticity and imperfection. Ceramic vases in organic shapes, hand-made dishes with jagged edges, or asymmetrical trays on a coffee table will create a warm atmosphere in the living room and add personality to the interior. 

#8 – Candles

The easiest way to create a more intimate atmosphere in the living room is to place a couple of scented candles on the coffee table. They will fill the room not only with a warm glow but also with pleasant smells.

#9 – Table Lamp

A fashionable table lamp will not only decorate the coffee table but will also serve as an additional source of light that will help visually divide the living room space, emphasizing the sofa area, and creating a cozy atmosphere.

#10 – Art Objects

You can also give expressiveness to the interior with the help of modern art objects and sculptures. In order not to turn the living room into an art gallery branch, combine no more than two or three items.

#11 – Vases and Flowers

Fresh flowers will refresh the living room, bringing bright colors to the interior, and create a summer mood in the house. Besides that, you should not forget about a stylish vase, which can always decorate a coffee table. Here you can know about the artificial flowers in bulk very easily. 

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