Smart ideas when using stickers for your e-commerce business

Are you ready to bring your product packaging to the next level? Then you are exactly where you need to be. In this article, we will share our top three ideas on elevating your packaging with custom stickers. 

Did you know that 7 out of 10 people state that they are actively influenced by a product’s packaging? This is your chance to benefit from that by making your products look irresistible and creating packaging that matches the high quality of your range. 

We love using custom stickers simply because it is so simple, yet so effective. All you have to do is send your design to a sticker printing company of your choice and get sticking as soon as your stickers arrive. So, do you want to find out what you can actually do with your custom stickers? Then read on. 

1. First impressions matter

As an e-commerce business, you probably know all about your customer base, when they are most likely to purchase, your most popular products and websites and how to build your checkout. But what about your customers’ post-purchase experience? 

The nature of e-commerce is that the first physical interaction between brand and customer happens after the point of sale. Instead of convincing consumers to purchase your product, your task is now to prove to your customers that they have made the right choice. 

This can happen before your customer has even opened their parcel. With custom stickers, you can leave your customers a personalized welcome or thank-you message. Depending on the shape you are going for, you can even use these stickers as packaging seals. 

2. Change it up often 

Even the most beautiful packaging can lose its effect over time. Especially repeat customers grow accustomed to your packaging, which means that all the positive effects might start to ebb away. How can you prevent this? By switching up your packaging frequently. 

Normally, this would sound like a monumental task, but with stickers, you can achieve this in record time. Simply get several designs printed at once, or place regular orders for multiple designs on different sticker vinyls, like glitter, metallic and fluorescent. 

If you loved the above tip, switch up your personalized message regularly. You can also use seasonal designs to make your packaging stand out. A simple pumpkin or snowflake sticker can already be enough to keep your customers smiling. 

3. Make use of free stickers 

This tip is not exclusively about product packaging, but it is simply too good not to include. While it is essential to create a beautiful first impression, it is also important to consider the other steps of your unboxing experience. Apart from your product, we recommend adding free stickers with every single order you ship. 

When we receive stickers, we do not see them as a form of advertising, but consider them to be a gift. Gift-giving is one of the most powerful marketing strategies. It not only creates positive associations, but evokes the so-called rule of reciprocity. According to this psychological concept, we feel the need to return the favor to the person who gave us a gift. Putting this in a business context, this can take the shape of a recommendation, a post on social media or a repeat purchase. 

On top of this, your customers are more likely to actually use your free stickers when they associate positive emotions with them. Just imagine your designs being used as phone or laptop stickers by your loyal customers! 

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