Snow Tires vs. Snow Chains: Which Option Should You Be Using?

Snow tires or snow chains? This is a question that has lasted for years, with both sides claiming advantages and downsides over each. Here, we will discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of each option to help you make an educated selection this winter!

Driving during the winter season can be unsafe if you do not take the right precautions. Think carefully about the tires you choose and how they may affect how you drive when the conditions are frozen and slippery.

One misconception is that if you have a four-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicle, you do not need anything further. This is not true. With either of these options, the tires you use still matter. If your tires have no traction, you will not be getting too far. If you live in an area where the roads get extremely slippery during this part of the year, tires with dependable traction are an essential.

In areas on the East Coast where winter weather is inevitable, many have one of these options ready. Even with tires or chains installed, a car accident can still take place. If a crash happens, make sure every party is safe. Yourself first and then the other driver. After this step, you will want to exchange information and contact a lawyer. Say the crash took place in Connecticut, you may want to search for car crash injury lawyers in Bridgeport, CT. Every state has their own rules and regulations about how car accident claims are handled. Your lawyer should know these in-depth.

The fundamental issue is which kind of traction is better: snow tires or chains?

Snow Tires Without Studs?

Driving with snow tires equipped on your vehicle gives you exceptional traction in snowy driving conditions. If they are non-studded, this is good for driving on ice and compacted snow.

Non-studded tires for the snow are a versatile alternative, because they also drive well when the roads are dry. They also do not harm the dry roads.

However, keep in mind that non-studded snow tires might be costly. In addition to paying for a set of expensive tires, you will also need a professional to install them and have them taken off when the season is over.

When driving on dry pavement, snow tires without studs will get worn out sooner and are not a great option for tractions in heavy snow.

Snow Tires With Studs?

In the winter, snow tires with studs are a great option for traction. Due to the tires having metal studs, they have much greater traction in both snow and ice than the snow tires without the studs.

Studded tires are the recommended choice when you have to drive through dangerous and snowy road conditions. Like non-studded snow tires, those with metal studs offer greater traction and have another area of contact on icy surfaces.

However, you should never drive with studded tires when the road conditions are normal, because it can cause significant damage to the roads. Because of this, they should only be utilized when there is snow and the roads are iced over. You also have to check with your state laws, because some cities or states have banned the use of studded snow tires or there are limits to when you can use them.

Also, studded snow tires may be costly, and there’s also the expense of having a professional put them on when needed and remove them when the season is over.

What About Snow Chains?

To begin with, snow chains are far less costly than purchasing a full set of snow tires. For some, the financial burden is enough for them to choose chains instead.

Snow chains actually give the most traction when you must drive on icy roads, compacted snow or heavy snow. In fact, snow tires are not as effective as snow chains in thick and heavy snow.

Another advantage of using snow chains instead of tires is that the installation and removal are simple. Because of this, chains are preferred if you do not normally need additional traction for the winter or if you only need it during severe weather for a short period of time.

You want to remember that chains should not be used under normal dry conditions as it can destroy the road and make for an unusually jarring ride and maybe a bit scary.

While snow chains are better for giving you better traction and are less expensive than snow tires, you should use them when it is absolutely required and do so at a much slower speed. You do not want to cause damage to your car.

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