Social Media Branding for Small Businesses

When I say Blue, you say Strawberry. Let’s go, Blue! (Strawberry…) I can’t hear you! Blue! STRAWBERRY! In this edition of the Blue Strawberry blog, we’ll look into some of the key components of social media branding for small businesses without further ado…

Who or what is your business?

What makes a business stand out? Well, one of the first things is interesting and unique visuals. If, for example, you combine an item like a… fruit with a colour usually not associated with that fruit. I can’t really think of any examples here…oh yeah like red blueberry, silly right? This method will help you create a memorable impression on your target audience raising your brand awareness.

Good visuals also include an appropriate logo. Whether you hire a professional to do it or DIY your logo in Paint, your logo has to speak for itself. It has to be distinctive and represent your values, goals, audience, and brand. All of this combined will greatly increase your brand’s recognisability.

Your brand also needs brand-specific colours. These will ensure that your brand is distinctive and will invoke visual association with your products. You should strive to use these in all of your posts and retain a certain theme consistency.

Who are your target clients?

Your social media branding will differ depending on your target audience. Everything from your visuals to the type and accessibility of content you post on social media will and should be determined by your target audience.

Branding targeting young people is different to branding targeting middle-aged people. Appropriate language must be used in accordance with your target age group. Some of your followers might not understand big complicated words or internet abbreviations. Making your posts accessible to your target communities is key to good social media branding for small businesses.

What do you stand for?

I keep saying this over and over again. The best way for social media branding for small businesses is to participate in a wider community. Finding a cause for your business and supporting it is an amazing way into untapped client markets.Read more about tamilmv

Find a thing your audience is passionate about and show them you care about it too. Support a local charity or a cause, present at an event, provide services for a local organisation or manifestation. All of these things are something you can do to show your amazing logo and business name to new audiences.More info click here f95zone

Another amazing strategy is collaborating with micro-influencers. Find people in your target demographic and contact them for collaboration. The investment will be minimal and it will still greatly benefit both of your brands.

Final Words

These are just some of my top tips on how to do social media branding for small businesses. Oh yes! I remember now, Blue Strawberry! What an amazing brand name. Check out more of our weekly blogs on this link:

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