Structure and Steps for Writing an Essay

The purpose of writing an essay is to test the student’s ability to work with different literary sources, the correct formatting of the paper according to the established requirements, highlighting the key points of the problems raised, etc. But if you are experiencing problems when working with sources or do not know how to format a paper correctly, it is better to buy an essay on a professional writing service. You will receive a sample that will show what sources to use on the topic and how to format a paper in the right way. 

Essay structure

How many words should there be in an essay? Each teacher sets a minimum and maximum amount of the written text. Here is the standard structure of the essay, which you need to rely on when writing:

  • Introduction – the beginning of the essay, which describes what the talk will be about, and also why this topic was chosen. It also needs to define the main goal, tasks, and methods by which the assigned tasks will be solved.
  • Paragraphs. The paragraphs are written one by one, without missing space.
  • Conclusions. This includes the author’s conclusions and the results of the work done.


The introduction is a section of an essay, the main function of which is to interest the reader in the topic.

The introductory part reflects:

  1. Relevance explains why the author chose this particular topic and how important it is in modern society.
  2. Purpose and objectives explain why this work is actually needed, what results are planned to be achieved, and by what methods.
  3. A thesis statement presents the main thought of an essay.

Do you want to know one little trick to help you write your essay quickly? It is better to put this section aside for the last time. First, do the main part, study the sources of the literature, highlight the main ideas. And only then determine the main thesis statement.


How to write the final part of the essay correctly? This is an important section of the paper because it structures and integrates all information. The conclusion is a summary based on the objectives and the main thought of an essay.

The final part of an essay also contains the own conclusions, personal assessment of the author. The peculiarity of the conclusion is that the resume is formulated in your own words. No quotes or phrases from the main part of the essay are included! Results are substantiated and supported by facts from each section of the paper.

It is best to reflect the conclusion in the theses, separately describing the main idea of ​​the paragraphs of the essay. When writing, adhere to a scientific style without using personal pronouns and unnecessary information. Only facts and personal inferences are welcome.

How to write an essay correctly?

  1. Choose a topic

Usually, students need to select a topic from the list presented by the teacher. In some cases, an independent selection of the wording of the future paper is allowed, but only after agreement with the teacher. The author is recommended to choose the topic of the essay only with the presence of a sufficient number of available literary sources in this area.

  1. Select the required literature

The main goal at this stage is to highlight the main points that make it possible to fully reveal the topic. In order not to get confused in the information flow, it is recommended to outline the basic bibliographic information of the literature reviewed, including the page numbers where borrowed citations are indicated – this will simplify the further formatting of references in the future essay.

  1. Draw up an essay plan

How to write a plan correctly?

  • A draft version of the plan is drawn up before the final choice of the topic of the essay.
  • The author identifies the main questions of the essay, dividing them into several points. Each point is reflected in the text of the plan.
  • All components of the plan are logically interconnected and consistently stated. This approach will make it easier for the reader to familiarize themselves with the content of the essay.
  1. Writing the text of the main sections

This part of the essay is the most important. The author processes the prepared materials from literary sources on the topic of the paper on the basis of the studied information, describes his or her own conclusions, and forms a logical relationship between the compiled structural units.

  1. Format an essay in accordance with the requirements 

After the complete compilation of the text, its proofreading, the author draws up the essay in accordance with the teacher’s requirements and the methodological recommendations of the educational institution.

Now you know how to write an essay with a proper structure. Follow our advice, and you will be able to get a good grade. Good luck!

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