The Best Trucks for Short-Distance Shipping 

Businesses are different. Some entrepreneurs have up to a hundred clients and they are absolutely satisfied with the profits they receive. Others supply their goods or services to half of the globe (or even to the whole world) but still want to increase their capacities. No matter how large your business is, it’s of prime importance to organize shipping in a proper way. Freight delivery is not only about thousand of covered miles. Sometimes it’s necessary to ship cargo from one city to the next one. 

Short-distance shipping is a rather intricate process. Although it’s necessary to cover only about 300 miles, it’s still important to organize everything well. If you have never dealt with this type of transportation, you are to get to know that it’s necessary to pick up proper trucks. You are to consider the sizes and peculiarities of your goods. If you cooperate with a logistics company or have fleet management software they can choose, track, and organise the most appropriate option for you.

The list of the best trucks for short-distance shipping includes the following points:

  • Semi-trailer model.

It’s a universal type of truck. You can hardly find a shipping company that deals with road transportation and doesn’t have such a vehicle. It allows transporting almost any type of cargo. In order to prevent freight from damaging, it’s a good idea to place items in special containers and secure them.    

  • Cube vans.

They are usually used to deliver stuff like furniture and other small items. Straight trucks are highly recommended for moving. 

  • Flatbed trucks.

When it comes to shipping heavy equipment or large details, semi-trailers are not the best solution. It’s better to prefer flatbed trucks. The bodywork of this model is just a flat-level bed with no sides or roof. It is a very popular type of truck, perhaps due to its versatility. 

  • Refrigerated trailers.

If you deal with time-sensitive products, it’s of prime importance to deliver freight intact even when it comes to short-distance orders. Refrigerated models create the proper conditions for shipping. Yet, not all freight forwarders possess such vans. Their number is limited.  

It is not definitely the whole list of available options. When it comes to the delivery of non-standard items, you are to use specific vehicles. In order to cope with such tasks, you are to cooperate with reliable and credible freight brokers who are able to fulfill even the most intricate orders. They are to provide you with awesome expedited shipping services and excellent customer support. You have to place an order and clarify your requirements and then, everything is done by professionals.

The experts evaluate the needs of your business, calculate the number of needed vans, consider the peculiarities of the cargo, and offer you the most optimal and profitable solution. You get your freight on time and save your nerves and time.  

To sum it up, it should be highlighted that it’s a big mistake to consider short-distance shipments less important. The wrong choice of trucks may lead to catastrophic consequences such as the loss of cargo or financial issues. One of the most optimal solutions is a semi-trailer van. With its help, you are to transport almost any type of cargo.   

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