The different types of Guardianship in Texas

Some people need help to manage their affairs because of their age, due to a disease, or an injury. In case this happens, the court of law might appoint a guardian for them. The process of guardianship Texas is as follows:

  • Applying to the court
  • Appearing for a hearing in front of the judge.
  • Having a judge appoints a guardian, only if needed.

The above-mentioned steps are required to be followed as this takes away the rights of a person. This is the last and the best way to protect someone. Before, one asks the court to appoint a guardian; other options are first tried. These include:

  • Finding someone who can help the person pay the bills and manage money.
  • Finding someone who can take decisions relating to the health care of someone.
  • Enrolling the person in the community services that are available including the Medical programs.

Once a guardian is appointed, most of the time this arrangement becomes permanent. But in case things change significantly, a judge can decide if, a guardian is no longer required.

Types of guardianship in Texas

There are six types of guardianship. These are:

Legal guardianship

This is a specific who cares for additional person. the management of the finances, medical treatment, providing shelter, food, education, medical treatment, etc. In most cases, the legal however; they are also responsible for the incapacitated seniors or adults who are developmentally disabled.

Temporary guardianship

These are individuals who take care momentarily. The affiliation is well-known through a form. A parent or a relative can take care of the ward but this guardianship has a fixed date for expiration.

Minor Guardians

The minor guardians usually to their brothers or sisters under the age of 18 years. The guardian has to act in the best curiosity of the child and also has to be responsible for his/her education, health care, and safety. The minor guardian also take care of all his/her needs. The property of the child is, however, not controlled by this guardian.

Estate Guardian

This is a person who is answerable for the financial condition of any one of the paternities dies. This individual manages.

Ad Litem

They are appointed by the court and are based on a court employ. In most cases, the reason for the appointment of such a guardian is because the ward is legally incompetent or is a minor. Since the local laws that regulate the details vary based on the fund availability, the effectiveness, and the performance of these individuals also vary.


The permission, consent, and appointment are templates that are used, or courts to appoint a custodian to an adult or a minor. In particular, this essay is used to select big name and legally permit them for guardianship texas.

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