The importance of FSC Certification & Biodegradable Hospitality Packaging

Consumers have increasingly expressed interests on the sources of products; how they are manufactured and their effect to the environment. As a result, eco-credentials are greatly influencing the decisions of individuals as well as corporate consumers. Also, people and businesses in the forest products need the credentials to prove that their operations are responsible environmentally, socially and economically. This is where FSC comes in to ensure that customers get a guarantee that your products are from a responsibly managed supply chain. FSC certified paper will have a mark of quality to prove that the manufacturer has complied to the requirements.

Requirement by the Government

FSC certification is founded on the basis of legislation in the increasing number of regions and countries that have enforced the ban on the trade and use of products made from illegally procured timber. This includes, Australia, USA and the European Union. Thus, any jeopardy of contact with illegal timber is significantly minimised with FSC certification. The initial issuance of certificates for sustainable forest administration was in 1993 subsequent to the realisation of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This ground breaking endeavour has, since 1993, progressed into the forest certification system with the most holders globally. This has had a weighty effect not only on the consumer expectations and companies manufacturing and delivering forest products but also on the tradition of commercial forestry.

Enhancing industry measures in forest administration

Environmental NGOs set FSC certification as the framework for benchmarking for all forestry communities and organisations. The NGOs include WWF and Greenpeace with offices in USA, Canada, New Zealand, Finland and China. At the moment, there are millions of hectares of forest certified globally by FSC and currently more than 27,000 certificate proprietors of Forest Administration and Chain of trusteeship. The virtuous idea has, in two decades, been transformed into an internationally reliable and renowned brand in the market.

Fighting climate change and safeguarding forest ecosystems

Certified areas are barred by FSC from deforestation, forest degradation and illegal logging. This hence moderates the climate change impact by protecting forest ecosystems. The necessity for certification has increased since climate change and its effects are being intensely felt by citizens in developing countries, first and foremost. It is undoubtedly the largest risk posed to life on the planet. Sustainable forestry is one of the most efficient methods of mitigating climate change.

Strengthening the links between the consumers and your business

Creating confidence among consumers with an accountable source of your products by being FSC certified packaging builds the credibility of your brand. This augments your corporate status and initiates new market opportunities. Being able to purchase FSC certified labelled products gives customers around the world the opportunity of making a positive difference. This evokes a feeling of connection between the forest floor and the bought product.

Substantial economic values for your business

Becoming FSC certified gives a more distinct customer base to timber producers and forest owners looking to access newer and more robust markets for generating higher revenues. This is progressively being implemented with stringent requirements around the world to private and public sector institutions on environmentally conscientious procurement practices.

FSC certification entails the improvement and preservation of the forest biodiversity and mandates the communities relying on these forests to get value from the forestry procedures. Most packaging is not reusable and several markets have regulations and objectives in place to reduce the environmental bearing and increase the biodegradable packaging charges for waste resulting from packaging. Packaging firms consequently have to show utmost environment qualifications and demonstrate that their products are dutifully obtained in addition to being recyclable, reusable and renewable.

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