The Importance of Video Inspection for Your Ductwork

Are you having trouble with a damaged ductwork and need effective solutions? Video duct inspection is the most reliable and advanced way to check and clean your duct. The service comes with video inspection and comprehensive reporting. This is an important part of A/C maintenance service in Post Falls, ID.

Your HVAC contractor should be able to provide the service to ensure your ductwork is checked thoroughly and operates in peak performance all year round.

Keep reading this post to learn more about the importance of ductwork video checks.

The Challenge in Cleaning a Dirty Ductwork

Ductworks get dirty over time due to the enormous amount of dirt, dust, and debris that build up in tube’s branching network. If only the accumulated dirt was visible to homeowners, maybe they have already cleaned it before they pile up. But the difficulty of seeing the dirt is not only the problem here. It is almost impossible for them to clean out their duct too.

Since ductwork can’t be seen is so hard to access, it is among the most challenging areas to clean inside any home. That is why it is always ideal to leave the job to the experts who have the right tools. Call your local contractor for a professional A/C maintenance service in Post Falls, ID.

The specialized duct cleaning device is used to loosen the stubborn debris and the powerful suction machine to prevent dust particles and airborne contaminants from entering your home. Also, a video inspection is used to give you a clear view of the amount of dirt inside your duct.

What is a Duct Video Inspection?

As part of A/C maintenance service in Post Falls, ID, your technician will use a duct video camera to see the accumulated dirt inside your ductwork. The camera is a small device snaked into your ductworks, and it has an illumination feature that provides light for clearer capturing of the amount of dirt present inside the duct. The camera can be bent around corners to make it easy for the technician to access the hard-to-reach locations.

With duct video inspection, the actual volume of debris and dust can be captured before the cleaning process begins. After cleaning, the camera will be inserted back through the ducts to verify that thorough cleaning is done.

Besides dust buildup, you can also see if the duct has gaps, cracks, or holes, which causes inefficiency. Those leaky areas allow the conditioned air to escape, resulting in high cooling bills. With the collected images, your technician can have reference to conduct the next step. They may seal the leaks or replace the ductwork, depending on its age or the severity of the problem.

Take note that not all HVAC companies offer duct video inspection as part of A/C maintenance service in Post Falls, ID. So how would you know how dirty your ductworks are and how clean they are after the cleaning service is done? Therefore, it is wise to hire an HVAC company that provides duct video inspection service.

Call the Experts for Quality A/C Maintenance Services

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