The Most Popular National Sports in Africa

Africa is the greatest place for sports lovers. People in Egypt, South Africa, and Nigeria place bets in the 22Bet live site on football and cricket. Yet, national sports are also popular. Here are the most well-known ones. You must need to know golf holidays direct best price breaks and it will help you to book golf direct.


Wrestling has always been a part of many African communities since time immemorial, where competitions were held in village arenas. This tradition has survived in many communities to this day, especially in the Republic of Senegal, Nubia, Sudan, and Egypt.

Nubian wrestling dates back more than 3,000 years. These days, it is one of the oldest martial arts in Africa. Wrestling matches usually involve singing and dancing. Most wrestling fights do not last long and end after a couple of seconds or a few minutes. According to statistics, wrestling receives an annual sponsorship of $1 to $2 million a year. The stadiums are packed, and the stakes are high. Moreover, the top national wrestlers can earn as much as $200,000 per game.

Donkey and Ostrich Races

Donkey races are held annually in Kenya, on Lamu Island. Riders steer the animals without saddles, which requires skill.

Another unusual amateur sport is ostrich racing. With a rider, the speed of the bird is a maximum of 40 kilometers per hour. Saddles and harnesses are used for racing. The largest competitions are held in the Republic of South Africa.


This sport is riding not on the water but the sand. It traditionally uses a stiffer base than skateboarding. The bottom of the board is waxed for better gliding.

Unlike wrestling and donkey and ostrich racing, the sport is already used nationally and throughout the African continent.

The African Sandboarding League was founded in 2000. And the first championship was held in 2001. The most famous country among African sandboarding is Namibia. Near the towns of Swakopmund and Walvis Bay are the main centers for riding.

Diving With Sharks

This unusual sport is extreme diving in a special cage. Considered an opportunity to see the tiger, white, hammerhead shark in its natural environment. Diving with sharks is popular in Mozambique and South Africa.

Although this sport is quite dangerous, some tourists order it as a kind of entertainment. The adventure begins in Gansbaai, a small fishing town not far from Cape Town. Here you have a chance to see the world’s most fearsome marine predator in its natural habitat, the Great White Shark.

At first glance, it seems that Gansbaai has nothing to offer to the diver. Yet, when you arrive you will see the reason for its popularity. There are thousands of adorable creatures.

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