The Ultimate Guide to Renting an Apartment in Japan

Tokyo offers many opportunities, from educational and entertainment to employment opportunities for foreign and domestic residents. When most individuals move into Tokyo for different purposes, they have to look for a place to stay. Renting an apartment will be the most likely option among most individuals than purchasing.

However, most people don’t know what they need to do before choosing an apartment for rent in Tokyo Japan. If you’re searching for a suitable apartment to rent this guide provides information on all the things you need to understand before opting for the apartment.

1. Rental and leasing terms

Before choosing an apartment to rent, it’ll be good to consider the renting and leasing terms. It’s always very important to choose the terms that suit your living and budgetary needs. For example, if you’re going to stay in the place for six months, it’s very unwise to choose an apartment with an annual leasing term. You’ll have to pay for the whole period even if you don’t stay there for that period. When considering an apartment for rent in Tokyo Japan, request the terms from the landlords or the apartment agents.

2. The size of the apartment

The apartment’s size will be a key determinant when choosing an apartment for rent in Tokyo Japan. The apartments in Tokyo come in various sizes; we have small and large apartments. If you have your family with you, a large apartment will suit you, as it ensures the space meets your family’s needs. Alternatively, choose a small apartment if you have no family; this will save on having the ‘dead space’ in your apartment and cut the unnecessary rental cost.

3. The paperwork you require

Before choosing a particular apartment to rent, it’ll be good to consider the paperwork the agents or landlords require before allowing you in the apartment. It’ll be good to get all the paperwork ready before you start applying for the particular apartment. Getting the documents ready will allow for faster rental processing. The following are the most common documents most agents or landlords will require:

  • Your residency cards
  • Copies of your valid passport
  • Your income information, for example, letter of employment
  • Your tax documents

4. The cost of the apartment

When checking for apartments in Tokyo, it’s good to consider the price of renting the house. Compare the prices and rates of different apartments and select the apartment that has the renting rate you can afford to pay. It’d be good if you also considered that most landlords or agent companies would request at least a one-month refundable deposit before you start staying in their apartments.

When considering the cost of the particular apartment, the amount of rent for the apartment should be approximately 30% of your total monthly income. Therefore, it’s essential to choose an apartment with a renting rate that suits your budgetary needs. This requirement will help you avoid rejection when applying to stay at the apartment or having penalties due to delayed rent payments.

Closing thoughts

Getting a suitable apartment for rent in Tokyo Japan is a very challenging task. However, considering the features above before getting the apartment will ensure you get the right apartment and faster rental processing procedures.

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