The Woodland Specialists Finalize the Ideal Patients for Spinal Cord Stimulation Therapy 

Spinal cord stimulation is a process of offering relief for patients that have gone through failed back surgery. The continuous surgeries on the backbone and failed ones at that will result in some secondary effects such as low back pain, pain in legs, etc. These issues are taken care of with spinal cord stimulation. It is best to choose this therapy under the supervision of an expert in the field. 

William L. Yancey, MD, is one of the many experts that can offer successful spinal cord stimulation in The Woodlands. In their therapeutic center, they offer advanced treatments for all kinds of pain-related issues, so that their patients will attain permanent relief from some kinds of pain. You can visit their webpage to get more information. 

Conditions That Are Treated 

Apart from the failed back surgeries, many other issues are also taken care of with the help of spinal cord stimulation. They are listed below. 

  • Arachnoiditis 

It is a condition where there is scarring or painful inflammation in the spinal nerves 

  • Chronic back pain 

This is associated with leg pain, but not always. 

  • Chronic neck pain 

Sometimes this issue is associated with arm pain also. 

  • Complex regional pain syndrome 

This is a type of chronic progressive disease and it is characterized by swelling or severe pain. 

  • Peripheral neuropathy 

This condition is caused because of the death of the distant nerves. It is indicated through a kind of burning sensation in the legs. 

  • Refractory angina 

This condition is characterized by shortness of breath, chest pain, and fatigue.

Who Are the Ideal Candidates? 

Here are some of the patients that are the ideal condition for this procedure: 

  • Candidates that are unfit for surgery. 
  • Candidates that have tried and failed from some conservative pain-management methods. 
  • Candidates planning to avoid surgery. 
  • Candidates that have experienced a kind of relief during the trial run of this therapy. 
  • Candidates that have not experienced any sense of depression.

What Happens in a Trial? 

A trial run of the spinal cord stimulating device will be conducted on some of the patients, which are selected for the clinical trials. Based on the readings of the nerves reactions, and skin reactions, the specialist will decide whether or not you are an ideal candidate for the treatment. 

A spinal cord stimulation trial is not suggested for anyone or everyone. The patients should first pass the clinical trials that are done by the specialists using the device and will be then considered as ideal options for the actual treatment. 

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