Things To Consider Before Buying Personalized Name Tags

Personalized name tags are a great way to denote persons of importance at work and can also reward specific employees for doing a good job. However, before buying personalized name tags, there are some things that you should consider since they’re more valuable than the typical disposable name tags that are commonly used. Here are some of the factors you should consider when it comes to personalized name tags.

1. Budget

As you can probably guess, personalized name tags are more expensive than reusable or disposable name tags. This is because personalized name tags are typically permanent in nature and feature an engraving. The name tags will naturally cost more with this being the case and will typically need to be custom ordered. While this may seem to make purchasing custom name tags as needed difficult, there are companies that can provide them as needed at a reasonable price and with very quick shipping options.

2. Material

Personalized name tags come in a variety of materials. Plastic and acrylic are two of the most popular since they are reasonably durable without being prohibitively expensive. Other options include aluminum, stainless steel, and brass. The material you choose can be determined by a number of factors, such as your budget, working conditions, and the reason for making the personalized name tags in the first place.

3. Custom Awards

In some cases, personalized name tags can be given to employees as a custom award. These awards can help to improve company morale and encourage greater productivity. When creating custom awards it is important to take into account the design choices you have available. You want a name tag that stands out but still remains practical to wear at work. If you need help, speaking with a representative from the custom awards company can help you decide what is best for your personalized name tags.

4. Criteria for Using Personalized Name Tags

One of the most important things to consider when it comes to personalized name tags is deciding who will be receiving them. As previously mentioned, they can be used as an award for outstanding employees, but there are other uses as well. For one thing, they could be used to denote members of management from the rest of the employees. This could be done for anyone in a leadership position in order to help identify them at a glance. Employees that fulfill special roles, such as safety inspectors and other personnel that travel from site to site, are also good candidates for personalized name tags that mark them as persons of importance.

With that said, personalized name tags typically aren’t a good fit for certain types of employees. Contractors who work on a per-job basis aren’t a good choice because they may not work for the company again after their job is complete, making it a waste to create personalized name tags for them. This can also be said for seasonal workers who may not be back next year and new workers that may decide that they don’t like the job and quit. Since personalized name tags are more expensive to produce than regular name tags, make sure that they are given to employees that will stay with the company for the foreseeable future.

5. Shipping and Production

Being able to get what you need when you need it is an essential factor when it comes to buying personalized name tags. Since this isn’t an item that you would typically purchase in advance, you want to ensure that the manufacturer you’re ordering them from can get the job done quickly and efficiently. Fast shipping is also a good thing to look out for, especially rush orders, in case you need your name tags delivered as soon as possible.

Getting the Best Value

The thing to remember about buying personalized name tags is that since you won’t be ordering in bulk in most cases, you’ll need to find other ways to maximize your value. Discounts, free shipping offers, and free engraving are all things to keep an eye out for so that you can get the best quality possible at the best price possible. This will allow you to order personalized name tags that your employees will be proud to wear without stretching your budget further than you need to.

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