Things to discuss with your green card lawyer

There are many reasons why you may need to migrate from your current location to another location entirely. A common mistake you and I make is trying to make that move without involving an immigration lawyer. An immigration lawyer is supposed to help with your migrating process to ensure it’s smooth and successful. If you are new to migration, you may not exactly know what to discuss with your green card lawyer. In this article, I’ll explain the things you need to discuss with your green card lawyer.

  • Their credentials

Some people are self-acclaimed immigration lawyers without any credentials. As a result, the first line of discussion with a green card lawyer should be to show you their credentials. Some of the credentials include their law degree, company certifications, and license to practice law in the country.

  • Their experience

When it comes to migrating, the experience can sometimes be more important than expertise most of the time. For instance, you are looking to immigrate to Las Vegas. With an experienced¬†immigration lawyer in Las Vegas, it would be a lot easier for you to have the perfect idea of what to do in your situation because of your lawyer’s knowledge of the migrating process. So the next discussion you should consider is how experienced your lawyer is to know exactly what is best for your situation.

  • Membership with immigration lawyers

One of the best ways to tell a responsible lawyer is their membership with law associations. In the USA, there’s an association known as the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). If a green card lawyer doesn’t belong to this organization, you shouldn’t trust this lawyer in full. That’s because they may not know about the changes in the organizations.

  • Successful clients

Success is very important for migration practices. To further prove the authenticity of a green card lawyer, you may want to hear it from the mouth of successful clients. You have a right to ask the green card lawyer for some reviews from some of their successful clients.

  • The strategy

After you have confirmed the authenticity of the green card lawyer, you need to ask for a plan. When you’re trying to migrate, you need to follow through with a plan so you avoid any mistakes. Because you’re consulting a lawyer, it’s better if you take the strategy from the expert. You may have an opinion, but because of their experience, listening to the green card lawyer is a smarter option.

  • Duty schedule

The process of migrating will involve active actions from yourself and the lawyer. Each party needs to understand their duties, so you don’t make any mistakes. So with the strategy from the lawyer, you should ask for clear descriptions of the duties from the green card lawyer and your responsibilities. This clarity is crucial to a good migration plan.

  • Cost of the migration process

Moving from one country to another can’t be free in any way. You’ll have to pay some fees from when you’re registering to when you pay for the ticket after the process is successful. You need to ask your green card lawyer for the amount of money you’ll need to pay. That way, you can plan with a budget and add some miscellaneous budget for the migration. Of course, you’ll be making some payments for the professional fees of the green card lawyer.

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