Things to Know About Pedestrian Collisions 

Did you know that Idaho records some of the least incidences of collision with pedestrians across the US? Great news, isn’t it? However, there is more to the statistics. Unfortunately, the number is one the rise. It is surprising really. Idaho has some of the best laws protecting pedestrians across the United States. For example, in most cases pedestrians receive benefit of the doubt including in cases where they have been caught jaywalking, and receive more in compensation due to the comparative negligence law. So, if you have been hit with a car or a bike recently in cities like Bois, be sure to contact a Boise Idaho auto accident lawyer.

High Injury Rates

Unsurprisingly, most accidents between motor drivers, and pedestrians result in significant injuries to pedestrians. The percentage is as high as 97% in Idaho. Furthermore, nearly 18 pedestrians lost their lives in these incidences in 2016. This figure keeps climbing as driverless cars, cases of distracted driving, more delivery bikes, and in general more traffic takes to the streets every year. As a pedestrian, be sure to follow all the laws as something as trivial as jaywalking can mean losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical compensation. 

 Safety Precautions

There are many precautions pedestrians can take to ensure no injuries to themselves, and huge losses for the other party. Firstly, be sure to take sidewalks whenever possible. Sidewalks are a robust features of urban landscapes designed to protect the beauty of the city, with pedestrians in mind. If you are in an area, when there are no sidewalks, face the traffic. Furthermore, be sure to acknowledge drivers when it comes to stop signs, and yield. It is not a risk worth taking, when you have not made eye contact with the driver, but you decide to move ahead assuming they will act in the spirit of law. This is never a good idea as a pedestrian. Also try and wear bright colors as a pedestrian. This will be especially useful if you walk your way to work every day, and the weather in your area is going to be foggy, and hazy. 

As mentioned earlier, the law and jury members tend to favor pedestrians during collisions. It is only natural as pedestrians are likely to incur major injuries, no matter who was at fault. Hence, the law will likely remain sympathetic to their cause, despite the grave mistakes on their part in some cases.

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