Things to Know on Effective SAP Business One Implementation

Small and Medium enterprises have always found it difficult to compete against the larger players in their sector, however SAP, a global software giant has come out with a offering SAP Business One, a ERP software that can help the small businesses to grow and develop, since the small and medium enterprises are low on finance, they need a business solution that is cost effective but at the same time help them in improving the efficiency of their processes. SAP Business One is both cost effective and also helps in the improvement of the process system at the company.

Let us understand few things on the SAP B1 implementation

  • You can at first for the ERP software implementation in the normal form, you need not have to customize it at the very beginning, at first you can implement the standard software and align or change your business strategy accordingly, you can go for customization, when you are completely sure that the changes to the ERP software will be highly beneficial for your business
  • Data Migration is a time consuming but a very important tasks, therefore at first you would need to transfer important data first and then transfer the remaining data later on, this will ensure that the important tasks and decisions are not kept on hold for the lack of data, thereby saving time.
  • You would do well by appointing a person in charge of the whole project, as your employees would have to spend time on both the implementation of the ERP project and also their routine work, a single point of contact for the project would be good for the management and also the vendors as the communication will be better and the stages of the project can be discussed with a single person
  • You can save a lot of money if you are able to train your own staff on SAP Business One, instead of recruiting people from outside which can turn out to be costlier option, you can train the existing staff on running SAP Business One, which is one of the easiest to use and be trained upon, it has one of the user friendly interfaces and rich features
  • Have a thorough testing of the ERP project that you have implemented, it is one of the most important tasks, as a issue later on would be difficult to resolve and could take more time, also you would need to implement the perfect system at the very first attempt, for the implementation it should be time bound and at every stage the project needs to be tested.

SAP Business One implementation is an important task and needs to be done properly so that issues do not crop up later on, SoftCore Solutions, a veteran of 20 years in SAP field has helped many SMEs in achieving their dreams by successful implementation of SAP B1. Choose SoftCore Solutions for a quality and timely implementation of your SAP project

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