Things to remember while giving Class 7 Maths Olympiad

The purpose of the IMO or International Maths Olympiad is to identify the skills of a particular student and encourage them to develop analytical ability. Preparing for the exam can be difficult for some students which can affect their ability to focus on that. So, it is very important to remember all the required things while giving the Class 7 maths olympiad. You must be thinking what are the important things which are required? It is very simple and easy to follow, you just need to concentrate on your exam completely.

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We will cover everything step by step but before that We would like to ask some questions. Are you very much interested in Maths? Are you able to solve one question in different ways? Have you studied maths with full interest? Do you have the desire to get the best opportunities with the help of Maths? Have you ever played with this subject? If your answer is yes, then congratulations you are one step closer to getting success in IMO. If your answer is no, then don’t worry we will tell you some tips which will help you to take interest in this subject.

Important points to remember while giving IMO exam class 7

  • Registration on time – Your first responsibility should be the completion of registration on time. Only with that, you will be eligible to take the IMO exam. So, whenever the registration process starts, fill up your form and make the payment. You can check SOF’s official website on a regular basis for knowing the exact date when the registration will start.visit here to know more information :  newsbench
  • Train your brain for the best – You must be thinking about how it can be possible where we can train our brain. Maths only needs your thinking and problem-solving ability. For that, you have to train your brain by solving different types of problems on the same concept. There are many ways which can be short or long both. You just have to use all the possible ways which will help you to focus on your concept. You can also solve reasoning based questions to train your brain.
  • The syllabus is the key to preparation – For starting preparation of any subject, you need to know the topics and what will come in the exam. If you are not aware of this, how can you start the preparation? So before making your timetable or schedule, check for the syllabus on the official website or at your school.
  • Give your time to practice – Solve previous year question papers as much as possible. IMO Maths Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper Class 7 2011 will guide you through the pattern of exams which will help you to avoid any type of mistakes. After the completion of one chapter, try to give your time to practice and solve questions without checking the solution. When you have completed your paper then you can match the answer with the solution sheet.
  • Focus on concepts – You will be able to solve the questions only when you have understood the concepts. If you have confusion in concepts, then there is no way that you can solve one question in every possible way. So try to maintain focus on your concepts. Check for reference books, take help from tutors and solve questions by different methods. Once you are done with this, it will be very easy for you to solve all questions.
  • Evaluate yourself – For evaluation, nothing is better than a mock test. It will not only help you to evaluate your performance but only time management. After practice and all things, you should give a mock test and evaluate it according to the given parameters. Check for timing like how much time you have taken in solving this question paper. It will help you to manage the timing and you can make it even better.
  • Don’t check the full question paper at once – It is very important while giving the exam not to check the complete question paper at once. It will create lots of confusion in your mind and fluctuate your preparation. So try to solve questions one by one and maintain the sequence till the end. If you are not able to find the solution to any question and time is going then you can leave that one and move forward. Try to understand the meaning of the question and then go for a solution. Sometimes students read questions and they think they already know the answer. But, it can be a tricky one so try to read it two or three times then solve it.
  • Try to attempt every question – Many students leave the question when they are not able to solve it. Try to avoid this and solve the question at the end with confidence. You should attempt before ignoring that question, it can be possible that you can find the answer. So, don’t lose just after reading the question, give yourself a chance and try to attempt as much as possible.
  • Fear of exams is nothing – This is very popular among students that they have fear of exams. It is nothing, this only happens because of a lack of confidence in preparation. So, just be confident and tell yourself that you can solve this question because your concept is completely clear. You will be able to get rid of that here for  more : marketingproof


There are two things that need to be avoided during exams. The first one is nervousness and the second is lack of confidence. If you have successfully ignored these two things then your preparation will be stronger and you can give the exam without any worries. Lack of knowledge can cause some issues so before starting anything on the IMO exam, whether it is the registration process or exam day, complete your research so there will be no confusion and distraction. We have explained some of the important points to remember in the Class 7 maths olympiad. We hope you can benefit from these mentioned points and score well in your exams.

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