Three Parking-Related Aspects that HOAs Must Regulate

Your HOA is where property owners can park their vehicles and have enough parking space for their guests. But, parking can become a hassle if there are no proper HOA management rules and regulations in place. To prevent common parking problems such as crowded streets and busy driveways, board members can implement the following regulations with the help of phoenix hoa management companies:

Parking Location

The majority of HOAs have certain rules on where owners can park their vehicles. Often, property owners use their driveways as parking spots. In terms of vehicles in the driveway, the association can restrict the kind of vehicle parked in it. It is important to ensure uniformity and when a car is not in good condition, the HOA board can ask the owner to park it inside their garage. 

In gated communities, the HOA can control the streets within their community. Thus, they can set rules against the number of vehicles that can be parked in areas such as curbsides. But, if an association covers public roads, the board does not have control over the cars park along this road. When parking issues arise among community members, the local authority must be contacted. 

Parking Duration

Homeowners should know how long they can park their vehicles in a designated space before they face action from the board. Often, cars can be parked in the driveway for as long as the owner wants since it’s part of their property. 

But, the board can regulate the length of time vehicles can parked along private roads in common parking spaces or near their property. Sometimes, cars can be parked in areas off of private property for up to 24 hours before the HOA can take action. Regulations on parking duration keep up a community’s property value by preventing owners from abandoning their vehicles within parking sports inside the community. 

Vehicle Types

Most HOAs have rules that prohibit some kinds of vehicles from being parked on the property of a homeowner. This is meant to prevent big, clunky automobiles from becoming an eyesore. Associations may prohibit vehicles like RVs, trailers, and commercial vehicles. Despite the condition of a vehicle, the board still needs to maintain uniformity and the community’s appeal to increase the value of the property within it. 

HOA boards who want to improve different regulations for their association should work with an HOA management company to help make positive decisions. A great management team can help a board get through important details of HOA management. 

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