Tips for Maintaining a Submersible Pump

A submersible pump is simply a device designed with an air-tight sealed motor used for pumping water. As the suggests, they are fully submerged in water for them to function. They are used in boreholes, wells, dams, rivers, and other water sources. They pull water and push it to the surface using rotary energy. This article explains how to check and maintain a submersible pump.

A submersible pump, being fully submerged in water, goes for a while without visibility;hence one can never know of any physical damage. It has an advantage and a character of providing reliable performance for a long time if well maintained.

The following tips outline helpfulways to check and respond to any tear and wear present in a submersible pump. It also guides one on how to maintain it.

Monitoring the outputs

One fast way to know whether your pump is running normally is by checking on the visible parts. If there are water leaks, assess the electrical wiring condition to ensure that everything is usually working. In case such occurs, it is good to follow guidelines given by your supplier. It’s also advisable to book regular maintenance from a repair service team.

Check for any abnormal symptoms

Signs of reduced performance may appear at times. They may be indicated by decreased water output, irregular water flow, excessive noise,and water clogging. In some cases, electricity bills go high, and the owner does not use his pump often. When these cases occur, use the guidelines given and if you find it challenging to know the problem, get a submersible pump repair team.

Lubricate the submersible pump

Another way to keep your pumping in an excellent working condition is by lubricating ed. The supplier should guide you on how to do it when buying one. You should also not over-grease it as this damages the bearings. Be careful when lubricating.

Check for Overheating

A solar submersible water pump overheats when the water level in the source is not enough to cool it. It can also occur when the pump is failing. Overheating has atremendous negative impact and results in too many expensive repairs. You should often check for overheating signs and when they happen, get a repair service team very soon.

Replace seals and hoses

Inspect the seals and hoses regularly because when they have a problem, they deteriorate and cause damage to the entire pump. Once they have a problem, replace them immediately.

Do the cleaning

You should ensure the sump and the floats parts of a submersible pump are always clean. It’s recommendable to wear gloves when handling the pump. Use detergents, bleaches, rubbing alcohol, and a clean piece of cloth to clean the parts of the pump. Permanently remove the debris from the filter and, if possible, replace it.

Check electrical components

This ensuresthat insulation is intact and fuses are in good working conditions. Repair and replace broken fuses to prevent any electricity breakage effects.


If we maintain, submersible pumps are durable and practical. They work well for a long time without problems. Always check for any abnormalsigns on your pump and respond to it immediately for good performance.

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