Tips for Packing and Moving Flat-Screen TV

When moving house, the most tricky part is to pack and carry flat-screen TVs as they are sensitive to cracks and scratches during the transition.

It’s very important to provide adequate protection to flat screens to ensure they reach safety and intact at your new address.

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However, if you are performing a DIY move, follow a few tips to safely pack and move flat-screen TV:

1. Remove any cords or other accessories

Before you start packing your TV, unplug all the wires, power cords and other accessories, 24 hours before moving.

This ensures your TV gets cool enough for packing, prevents internal damage and lowers the risk of static electricity.

Pack these items in a ziplock bag or in a small moving box.

2.   Provide enough cushioning

The last thing you want is to unpack the tv only to see a cracked television screen.

To protect your fragile and breakable TV from getting damaged, provide enough cushioning while packing.

Some of the materials you can use are:

  • Wrap a moving blanket around the TV and use a rope or cord to secure it tightly
  • Use packing paper to secure the screen
  • Wrap the TV with bubble wrap and tape it nicely

Avoid using wrapping material that is a good conductor of heat or electricity.

3.   Use original boxes

If possible, use the original boxes of the TV.

They are strong, durable and create a perfect barrier between the screen and external agents while protecting every part.

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In case, you don’t have original packaging, try these options:

  • Keep the TV inside a sturdy moving container that provides at least 2 or 3 inches of extra space on all sides
  • Fill space inside the boxes with blankets, towels or linens to provide padding
  • Invest in wide and slim boxes for flat-screen TVs

4. Load it carefully

After packing the flat-screen TV, the next challenge is to load it into the moving truck.

Follow a few tips:

  • Use equipment like a dolly or slider to haul the TV from your home to truck
  • Place the TV in an upright position
  • Keep the screen between other items like a sofa or mattress to prevent any shocks during the transition
  • If you don’t find a place to keep the television, secure it against a wall by using ropes or cords
  • No cord should come in contact with the TV screen
  • The screen should be away from the wall
  • Seek the help of your friend or family members

Bonus tips

  • Seal the moving containers with strong packing tape
  • Use a permanent marker to label all sides of boxes as “Fragile” or “Handle with care”
  • Keep the remote and power cord inside the box having a TV unit
  • Take note of the day temperature
  • Avoid driving a moving vehicle on bumpy roads
  • Unpack the TV and other electronics with utmost care

In the end…

A flat-screen TV is one of your prized possessions. Avoid packing it in any container and smashing a label.

Even the slightest slip-up can cause irreparable damage and you may have to pay a hefty price for repairs and replacements.

However, by following the above tips you can ensure smooth relocation while keeping your items intact and secure.

Have a safe move!

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