Tips To Pick The Best Custom Cabling Service

You could be considering custom cabling for various reasons. This includes customized designs, high-quality standards, tried and tested materials, cost and time-effective solutions, and extra functionalities, to mention a few. You are on to a great start since the standard off-the-shelf cables might not meet your requirements. Complex projects require solid cables. As the standard options fall short, you can always choose custom cabling. A significant aspect when going the custom cabling way is selecting the best company to manage your needs.

The custom cabling process requires a professional touch, from sketching, designing, prototype development, tooling, and manufacturing to testing. When selecting a service, you need to dig deep and ensure you partner with a reliable and reputable company. Among the simple checks that can help you pick the right fit includes:


While easily discounted, establishing that a company is who they claim to be can’t be emphasized enough. You should only engage a company you can legally pursue should they fail to honor the contract or something happens. This is considering the impact on your project’s progress and consequential costs. Besides the license, also check out the warranties and consider their reputation.

A company that delivers as promised backs their work with warranties. This assures you that you won’t have to settle for anything short of your quality standards. Reputation is also a significant check since it gives you an idea of what to expect from the company. Ask the custom cabling service to provide you with a list of references. Contact them, and see if they can vouch for the service and final products delivered. Suppose they meet or exceed customers’ expectations. In that case, you won’t have a hard time getting valuable information to help you make a sound decision.


Hands-on experience can’t be emphasized enough as you look for a custom cabling solution to handle your complex needs. Considering how long the company has been around won’t be enough. Check if they have industry-specific experience. A company specializing in general cabling, for example, might not be well-versed with your custom cabling needs if you are in the medical or oil field, which they’ve hardly explored. Industry-specific experience gives the company an edge. This is since they have an idea of what they need to do to meet your requirements. They can even be a great source of information to help improve your custom cabling quests.

Quality standards

The company has demonstrated its expertise in the international standards for the structured cabling infrastructure. But how can you ascertain that they consistently employ high-quality standards? Quality assurance is critical. It is why you must consider if the company is ISO certified or a member of certain professional associations. They may have even won certain awards showcasing the areas they excel in, further proving they stick to the highest quality standards. Vet the company to establish such details, ensuring you receive quality custom cabling matching your needs.

As you narrow the options and compare quotes, remember to look beyond the price tag. For instance, the best service will specify the estimated timeline for the project. This is from the planning stages all through to testing and shipping. This makes it easier to plan and keep your project on track.

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