To help you speed up your essay writing, here are five tips!

Make an action plan.

Assume you’re enjoying a relaxing getaway. If you’re looking to take on a greedy dragon and snag some treasure, the Lonely Mountain may be on your list. Without a map, what kind of transportation would you prefer? If you’re going to spend time wandering about aimlessly, it’s obvious that using the map will save you a lot of time.

In the same way with any Took, you should not begin writing an essay without first creating a map of your own. It does take time to create an outline. You’ll make up for this lost time later on in the writing process, and it will help you write essays faster in the long run.

Take the time to learn the material you’ll be taking.

This is the next step after the one that came before it. If you aren’t going to undertake the research to support your thesis, why bother writing one in the first place? Direct quotations from the original sources should be included in your summary. Writing faster is easier if you collect academic journal and book quotations to support your points before you begin. It’s not necessary to check Facebook or have a second breakfast.

Allow your ideas to flow.

Okay. After you’ve finished your map, it’s time to start writing your essay. You’re still interested in learning how to write more quickly? You must sit down and begin writing as the first step in the process, my friend. Self-doubt, scrutinising every word, and binge-watching Netflix are all bad habits. It’s time to sit down and start writing. Even if you’ve spent a significant amount of time outlining your ideas, just sit down and start writing. Write. Grammar and punctuation errors, as well as a few paragraphs that don’t make the cut, are almost inevitable. If you don’t start writing right away, you won’t have much to work with, so you’ll need to learn how to write faster. For more info, please visit

Your essay should have a logical division into parts.

You can only get so far with the “just write” method. Attempting to go from the Shire to the Lonely Mountain in a day without apocalyptic aeroplanes is one of the most risky aspects of writing an essay at once. Instead of tackling an essay all at once, split it into smaller, more digestible portions to make it easier to read through. Pause between writing sessions and focus on completing one chapter at a time. Dinner with dwarfs and a break. Prior to visiting Elrond, a brief pause. It’s time to stop a goblin’s kidnapping. What are your thoughts?

Make time for a break before returning to editing.

Wait a few days before returning to edit the first draught of your article. It’s easier to edit your essay when you have a new perspective and a new brain, because the mistakes you made while writing will be more obvious when you look at it. Even though it will take longer, you’ll be able to focus on other tasks since you won’t be concentrating on your essay as much throughout the day.

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