Top Tips For Perfect Frosting Every Time


Frosting is a word that we’ve all likely heard used and several times too also. Most likely, it’s been used with familiar terms like cake or synonymously with another cake covering icing. It differs though and this article aims to present you with the top tips for perfect frosting. By the way, head over to for your cakes.

What Is Frosting?

For those unfamiliar with the term, frosting, referred to as cake frosting at length, has yet another name; buttercream. This name shows the difference it has from icing, a thinner, glossier cake covering where frosting is quite simply, the thick and fluffy coating on the outside of a cake.

Top Tips For Perfect Frosting

1. Use Softened Butter

What does the type of butter you use have to do with the frosting that results? Air bubbles! That’s what! Softened butter helps with this though. First off, it’s being less stiff allows you to whip and beat your butter less reducing the risk of causing air bubbles.

It also helps to reduce the risk of lumps arising in your mixture.

2. Use Concentrated Flavouring

Flavoring comes in different types but one particularly common with home bakers is liquid flavoring. They are great and easy to use with just one problem. They’re liquid. This means that their indiscriminate addition is likely to dilute your frosting, making it more sloppy, more likely to melt, and even less tasty. For this reason, concentrated flavoring is necessary as a top tip for perfect frosting.

3. Regulate The Temperature Of Your Ingredients

When your frosting ingredients are either too cold or hot, it causes the frosting to disperse evenly or liquefy. Of course, this is in the case that both butter and shortening are involved in the process. Either way, it is best to keep your frosting ingredients at room temperature before combining.

4. Regulate The Heat Around You

Heat bleeds over. That is a fact. It is for this reason that you need to pay attention to the temperature around you when you’re making your perfect frosting. Try to keep the temperature around you at room temperature, especially for your butter. In the event that you are unable to control this though, adjust your ingredients accordingly.

5. Beat The Butter

Once you have your butter at the right temperature, what you need to do is add the right amount of sugar and beat, beat, beat it! Of course, you have to be careful not to beat it too much or else, it will result in the presence of air bubbles which you definitely do not want.

6. Make Enough Frosting

A common mistake that is often made though, is making less than enough frosting. Why this is particularly problematic is that it is often difficult to achieve consistency in color and texture at different times. For this reason, it is best to make more than enough frosting than less.

7. Allow Your Cakes Cool

Lastly, do not allow your impatience to ruin a perfectly good frosting. Oftentimes, the heat from an improperly cooled cake can rise up and warm the frosting on it to the point of it melting. For that reason, allow your cakes to cool!


That perfect frosting you desire isn’t a dream or a fantasy. It’s perfectly achievable. While you may encounter a number of pitfalls, with these top tips for perfect frosting every time, you also can create a perfect frosting of yours.

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