Vision: Human Capability Development Program

The Human Capability Development Program aims to help the people of Saudi Arabia in developing skills, expertise, and capacity. This will be achieved with the help of the private sector partners by instilling values and important basic skills. The goal is to increase their scope of knowledge to assist them in competing in the global market.

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Background of HCDP

The government of KSA embarked on a cross-sectoral reform agenda called Vision 2030. Through this, they aim to evolve the Saudi economy into a more sustainable and enterprising economy. In order to achieve this goal, KSA requires its citizens to be more skilled, knowledgeable and ready to compete both locally and internationally. More information on these unprecedented reforms can be found on the website of Vision2030.

The Human Capability Development Program is one of the 13 programs introduced by the Saudi Arabian government in order to implement the reforms. Through the HCDP, they aim to improve the country’s education system and help the country’s population become more proficient and productive. This is to assist the people in earning to exist and succeed in the age of information— the 21st century.

The program will be launched officially in the second half of 2021.

The Purpose of HCDP

The purpose of HDCP is to impart essential values to the Saudi people from an early age. It will target the youth to get them ready and capable to face the local and global market. It also aims to equip people with valuable skills and knowledge by giving them various learning opportunities. The HDCP will play a role in promoting initiatives and helping to develop and implement policies that will ensure competitiveness in Saudi Arabia.

Key Objectives of HCDP

The Human Capability Development Program is aimed towards achieving some very important objectives. These objectives include upholding various moral values such as discipline, tolerance and moderation, inspiring the citizens to persevere and be driven to achieve their goals. The HCDP aims to make education as accessible as possible and develop positive and resilient attitudes in the youth. Promoting family values, strengthening the sense of national belonging and upholding the Arabic language are also key objectives.

The HCDP is working towards the following milestones by 2025:

  • Ensuring the enrolment of at least 40% of children in kindergarten.
  • Helping at least 6 Saudi universities in ranking within the top 200 universities globally.
  • Making sure that KSA ranks at least 45th in the World bank’s Human Capital Index.
  • Ensuring an increase in Saudization in skilled jobs.

Completed Projects Under HCDP

Under reforms of Vision 2030, KSA has managed to complete many projects under the Human Capability Development Program.

Some of these completed projects are listed:

  • The Security Force Medical Centre Project
  • Saudi Media City
  • Fibre Optic Broadband Rollout
  • GE Saudi Innovation Centre
  • King Abdul Aziz Centre for World Culture

There are many other projects that have either been completed or are in progress under the program.


KSA’s Human Capability Development Program is aimed towards improving the country’s economy by investing in its citizens and supporting them in making valuable contributions to the country’s progress. This will have lasting benefits for Saudi Arabia and its people. Saudi Arabia has occupied the centralized role in the Islamic and the Arab World, and this program will help in making it flourish. Explore the Kingdom to learn more about KSA and why it is important to invest in its people.

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