Vital information about huawei band 4 pro

Today  we’re going over the huawei band 4 pro fitness tracker so this is a relatively popular band at a cheaper price with a lot of great features let’s go ahead and get right into the review


It’s a relatively budget-friendly band it does have a 0.95-inch AMOLED color display with 282 pixels per inch the only thing that’s a little bit negative with that is it isn’t too bright in direct sunlight it does come with a 100 milliamp-hour battery that can get you anywhere from five to 12 days but I do recommend putting all the fitness features in because huawei band 4 pro fitness tracker is a fitness band that’s what’s going to bring it down to five days but if you take a lot of those fitness features off like sleep good sleep tracking and continuous heart rate monitoring you can get up to 12 days

The sensors on this guy do have a heart rate monitor a 6-axis accelerometer it does have an infrared spo2 sensor as well to test your blood saturation that’s going to help with your sleep tracking also this band does have a GPS built-in so you don’t need to have your phone with you if you’re going on a run or going on a bike and especially if you’re going on open water swim you don’t have to have your phone with you to get a good map of

How you went on your run or your bike this band does have five atmospheres of water resistance so you can go swimming and it does have swim tracking as well talking about dragging

It does have 11 different fitness modes workouts that you can put in and they make sense it’s not like skipping or frolicking being tracked or anything like that this band does come in three different colors it comes in pink gold cinnabar red and graphite black this band also had two other variants the huawei band 4 pro fitness tracker that’s more made for basketball players and the regular band 4 that doesn’t have a lot of the better features that I would recommend just getting the pro all right now.

Operating system

Let’s get into the more options of huawei band 4 pro fitness tracker. so it does have one home button and when you turn it around this is where you’re going to have all your sensors and not only that your charging port as well it’s not magnetic it does clip in but it only takes about a couple of hours to get a full charge in so as soon as you hit that button or it does have turn to wake to turn it on but it has all your metrics built right in with your run your steps and stuff like that your battery life.

It will even have your notifications up top when you do swipe down you’ll have your messages that you hit on into you’ll have your music playback if you have that going you’ll have more when you hit on more timer stopwatch if you want to get into your faces you can hit faces and this is where you can be able to customize your faces there aren’t the most in the world but there’s a lot of ways that you’ll be able to customize and also what comes up on there as well so also when you keep on going down after that more you have faces find your phone which is always very helpful change the brightness of your screen you can keep your screen on for a total of five minutes before it turns off.

This is what we have in this short write up if you guys want more blog posts like this please let us know in the comment section.

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