What about the fit interview in a case interview?

By the way, the fitness interview does not play a big role in a case interview but is an essential part of this case interview category. If you have to prepare for a case interview you cannot avoid the fit interview because it is one of the important parts of it. 

Most candidates spend their all-time on case interviews and avoid it but keep in mind that avoiding fit interview situations may be a major issue in the full process of the case interview. As both case and fit interviews are essential and play a big role for any type of jobs and hiring. 

Keep in mind that consulting firms do not hire a candidate who seems unfit and who is suspected of not able to keep concentrated in their job with high-level energy. So, you will also have to care about this fit interview point. 

The fit interview is also known as McKinsey PEI, CV interview, or personal experience interviews. Consulting interview is not just about the case interview and analytic skills but the fit interview is. 

Consulting firms suffer the consultant loss of junior consultants who resign only because they cannot perform the role with the workload and want to move on to another sector. Many reasons are responsible for the fit interviews. 

So, the interviewers search for candidates that is their character, interpersonal skill set, motivation and health is right for the required job role or not. If you focus on the performing skills, analytics, and data it is not enough and your fit interview and behavior also matters. 

The format of the fit interview

We should talk about the handle on what form your fit interview might take. Various types of things and formats may consider about. The fit interview may vary significantly in format depending upon the species that you are applying for. 

Many firms will have a separate fit interview in a case in the interview and it may also take at least one hour. It is also a segment like a case interview but sometimes it may be a part of the case interview. 

If you have a separate fit interview then even you will have to plan for fit questions in many case interviews. So, you will have to make the fit interview a part of the case interview or other type of interviews.

There are various types of fit interview coaches online that will help you to get succeed in a fit interview and will help you to understand the importance of a fit interview in a case interview. In a case interview, the fit interview is an essential thing that cannot be avoided. 

The fit interview is also a type of interview that cannot be ignored and you have to face it at any cost if you have to prepare a case interview. You will have to go through this fit interview and get your work done in a case interview. 

The good thing about the fit interview is that you no need to math or finance theory to prepare yourself fit but it is a natural and timely way to achieve. 

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