What Anti-Aging is a health care story about?

Anti-Aging according to beauty clinic Cosmetics shop, facial foam โฟมล้างหน้า  food supplements are all full. Dr. Lo, please answer me. Thank you.

It must be true what my brother said. Because nowadays the word Anti Aging is really around us. No matter where we turn our heads, or even close our eyes, we can still hear these words.

Is Anti-Aging a real science? or is it just Advertising or commercial notices only

Get to know Anti-Aging a little.

It is well known that Aging is something we humans do not desire. to make it happen or want it to happen as slowly as possible. Because the image that we always think of when someone talks about aging is wrinkled face Filled with wrinkles, blemishes, freckles, dark spots, gray hair, some people have problems with hair loss, thinning hair, baldness, including deteriorating physical condition, exhaustion, etc., so that when the word Anti-Aging or anti-aging spreads. So we feel rejuvenated. in the heart immediately because he began to have hopes of the secondary that he would return It is therefore not surprising that Why is this word used? for many marketing purposes

Anti-Aging Cognitive Science arises from the question of why do we have to age? Why should there be deterioration and there must be various diseases and ailments to interfere?

Is it possible for us to know first? and prevent deterioration for not to occur or to occur as little as possible

For this reason, a wide range of modern scientific knowledge is applied. Disciplines come together with the advancement of medicine in the modern era, in order to find out what causes us to age, deteriorate and various diseases, therefore, there have been many research studies.

Therefore, the term Anti-Aging does not mean how to make

Young face, beautiful and clear skin, but also means a body of new medical knowledge in various fields that will come to fill medical knowledge. Currently, it is about prevention, treatment and promotion of good health. complete in every That side.

Well, now that it’s here, I think that what a lot of people probably have. I want to know How do we make it slow, slow, and not slow?

Illness is a disease caused by various degenerative diseases. Today, Dr. Lo has volunteered to take everyone to unravel the secrets to find answers about the story of slowing the disease. Let’s slow down.

Anti-Aging Heart

The heart of Anti-Aging that we must know in order to slow down the disease. Anti-aging successfully is 3 villains, the source of aging and deterioration. In order to be aware and able to prevent in advance, including: Oxidative Stress, Chronic Inflammation, and Advanced Glycation End-products (AGES).

The 1st Villain: Free Radicals (Oxidative Stress)

This first villain is widely known today. Talked a lot in the medical field during the past ten years. Free radicals in the simplest sense are molecules of

Because it is derived from free radicals or Free Radical, which has been

A substance that is unstable due to lack of electrons. causing them to race to compete for electrons from other molecules Of course Molecules that are taken away from electrons

instability followed and unable to continue to perform his duties

free radicals chronic inflammation Aging food needs to continue to play the role of the culprit by vying for the electrons of other molecules. infinite

Free radicals occur both inside and outside of our bodies.

Most of the free radicals in the body come from the process. intracellular metabolism and energy generation Especially the location called mitochondria (Mitochondria), which is a small subunit like a factory that produces energy within our cells. the theory of aging and The deterioration of the present has attracted more attention and talks about mitochondria, which means that if we eat more, the body needs to burn more. And of course What follows is The more free radicals there.

As for external causes that cause more free radicals, it comes from sunlight, pollution, cigarette smoke, various pathogens, both bacteria and viruses, high-energy foods such as flour, sugar, fat in large quantities, fried foods, grilling, and hyperlipidemia. stress Both physically (little sleep, starvation, vigorous exercise, etc.) and mentally, it means that today we are faced with free radicals. Every day, it is inevitable that we have too many free radicals in the body. We call this condition Oxidative Stress. Normally, our body has antioxidants or Antioxidants to deal with these free radicals. But whenever there are too many free radicals or antioxidants in our body are not enough. The free radicals will find an opportunity. Able to destroy cells of the body quickly and cause the degeneration of cells. In the body, when the cells in each of our organs are abnormal, the function is distorted. If it doesn’t die, it eventually mutates. causing cancer itself), what follows is Diseases caused by degenerative organs include heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood lipids, dementia, cataracts, obesity or even cancer.

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