What are the home decor items you must have based according to your wall colours?

Having your own space is undoubtedly a great deal of responsibility but one that you must make the most use of. No matter how big or small your house is, you must put effort into making it your own. Many trends come and go that you may use as inspiration when investing in home decor. While some pieces are truly iconic and evergreen, there are some things that you must get rid of from time to time. One of the most significant determinants that have to be considered when buying home decor is the colour of your walls. While you may base the wall colour depending on existing home decor items, on the other hand, sometimes you need to pick items depending on the colour of your walls. Here are some home decor tips and tricks regarding what things to buy depending on the wall colour. 

Buying more classic and traditional items

When it comes to buying home decor items, one of the best ways to determine whether it suits your wall colour or not is to keep in mind what you are buying. If you prefer more basic wall colours that are more or less subtle, then you need to invest in home decor items that are bright and vibrant. There are some classic items of home decor that you can never go wrong with, including a wall clock or a lampshade that can potentially go with any wall colour. These are items that you pair with any colour. In this case, it is best to stick with neutral tones that will blend in but serve their purpose. You can always add to their design or make personal changes to bring them to life. 

Buying more artsy and colourful pieces

When you have walls that are mostly neutral in colour, you must buy home decor items that are bright and colourful. This way, you can make these items stand out, especially if they are rare and beautiful pieces that deserve attention. Having a beautiful portrait or landscape amidst a beige background can virtually change the entire look of the house. It is best suited for those who have a genuine interest in art and have an aesthetic sense. You will be able to make your home popping with colour even without extremely colourful walls. You might even get your hands on a sculpture or a designed key holder to bring a dull wall to life. 

Buying items to against a colourful wall

When your walls are already colourful, there is no point in adding other bright things to the wall. Instead, you must focus on those items which will actually bring the existing wall paint to attention. This is particularly applicable if your walls have paintings, patterns or different textures. Adding a simple light to a wall like this can change the entire look. 

When it comes to buying home decor, remember, it is all about being imaginative and investing right! 

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