What does it mean to have bad attorney websites?

What does it mean to have bad attorney websites?

Law practice is a very strange industry when it comes to digital identity and online presence. Some horrible law firms have great websites, while other well-reputable law firms have terrible websites.

Of course, you may be getting your regular clients, corporate clients, and others from word of mouth – then you think why would I spend time and money on a good website?

Actually, this logic is quite venomous as you will very soon see that many of your potential customers are choosing your competition and in doing so empowering other law firms in ways negative for your law business.

Aleph Website is an Authority when it comes to website technology and web solutions. They describe a few mistakes that attorney websites have.

So read on to learn more:

1. Poor Website Design

Website design has evolved quite a lot in the last decade. Meanwhile, most law firms still use the same website.

Website design must follow current online trends and evolve with technological evolution. Lacking to do so is fatal to the Brand (or Online image) of the law firm.

Most people will first choose to check your website and then get in touch with you. So, Website Design is a deal breaker.

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2. Too much irrelevant content – bragatory style

Law firms have the tendency to brag about their achievements, prowess, skills, size, etc.

While it is a good thing to showcase your work, excessive content is always repulsive and comes across as aggressive and disrespectful toward the reader.

Bear in mind that visitors of your website come with idea to get informed really quickly and find a bit of information fast and easy. If this is not the case, they will find your website useless.\

So it doesn’t matter what your content is if it is not relevant to the User’s search mission. Also, if on top of that your content is all about how great you are, that can be very bad for your online reputation.

Additionally, Search Engines as Google know how long visitors stay on your pages after landing there. If they leave quickly, it means your website has no value to be ranked high on Search Engine Results pages.

3. Failing to have Modern Features for the Website

Many law firms use their website only to display information. Such as:

  • Phone number
  • Contact form
  • Email
  • Working hours, etc.

This is what a poor website displays.

What a good website presents is far more detailed and oriented towards the user. For example:

  • Blog posts relevant to topics that interest your clients
  • Downloadables about certain laws that affect your clients (checklists, regulation updates, etc.)
  • Search by location to find a relevant office near the user
  • A feature to schedule and run online meetings with customers. (calendar for booking)

So you see, a well-built website with interesting tools and features can help you convert many of the visitors into leads, and then clients.

Use this information to leverage your online presence and dominate your Law niche.

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