What Does It Take to Be a Leading Sales Recruiter?

The main driver for a company’s success relies on the recruiter’s team performance. But it is not an easy task. Finding hidden gems and high-caliber talents is both time-consuming and energy-killing. With almost 100 applicants to choose from, you can’t afford to make a mistake.

As such, you must understand what it takes to be a leading sales recruiter. To help you out, we’ve put together the top skills you need below:

Able to look beyond the resume and screen the candidates correctly.

This is the most crucial skill of all. It’s not enough to scan a resume and scan it for keywords or screening for the experience. One way to screen candidates is by asking carefully crafted interview questions.

  • “If you had an opportunity to sell this product/service in any market with no competition, what would you do?”
  • “If you were to make an advertisement about this company, how would you do it?”
  • “If you had 10 minutes to make a presentation about your company, what would you say?”

These sample questions can measure the candidate’s capacity to market themselves. By asking these questions, you can access the candidates’ minds and understand how they think.

Able to understand what skills your marketing department needs to succeed in its role.

Sales recruiters must have the ability to find the best match for each job opening. You can’t put a scriptwriter into a UI designer position.

Have a knack for negotiation.

Does a candidate have the least qualifications that you need? If yes, then you can move on to the next step, which is negotiation.

Always negotiate. Even if you get an overqualified candidate, negotiate. It will be good practice and could potentially save you thousands of dollars. If you don’t, other recruiters can do it.

Your bargaining chip is money. Regardless of the job position, they will either accept your offer or reject it.

Able to understand the finer details of the job description.

Part of an effective sales recruiter’s job is to review every job description. You need to scrutinize every line of text to make sure that it is clear, precise, and loaded with keywords.

The job doesn’t end there. You must also make sure that all descriptions are in sync with the company’s core values.

Able to spot a diamond in the rough.

Expensive people are good, while cheap people are worthless. This is a common mistake a recruiter makes. While true in some cases, this mindset has led to countless missed opportunities.

Able to work under pressure.


The recruiting process is never without setbacks. If you can keep your cool and make a passionate decision, you will have the edge over others. If you can sustain your calm throughout the process, your chance of making a good hire will be higher.

By now, you should have an idea about the skills that make a leading sales recruiter. So, make sure you don’t compromise on finding the right fit for a job. Your failure to do so can cost you your job.

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