What is a Diploma in Automobile Engineering?

A diploma in Automobile Engineering is the education qualification at bachelor’s degree level obtained by graduating from a college or institute with the required study. A diploma holder can pursue further studies to acquire an engineering degree with the best universities and colleges within the home country of his choice that offer such courses; however, he can’t usually become a licensed professional engineer. Nevertheless, he can be self-employed or work as an engineer in a company that doesn’t require him to obtain any other type of engineering degree. The holder of a Diploma in Automobile Engineering is also known as an engineering technician (entry-level) and an automobile mechanic. Still, such titles are also obtained by holding a degree.

What are other types of Course Details in Streamwise and Category?

Listed below is the full description of the courses in Automobile Engineering that you can choose:


Auto engineering students can pursue their B.E. degrees in two streams: automotive and renewable energy. Students may also pursue a double major in their bachelor’s degree program consisting of a B.Tech (in Renewable Energy) and B.E (in Automotive). Students pursuing their bachelor’s degrees through a joint program offered by an autonomous engineering college are generally allowed to apply to both streams at the start of their first year of studies. Still, they only take up one stream after completing one year of studies at the college.


This program is usually offered by autonomous engineering colleges affiliated with a university but offers the B.E. program on their premises and by their syllabus. Students who hold this diploma can pursue higher education at the master’s level in various universities, holding an advantage over other diploma holders because of their previous bachelor-level degree studies. The academic year is divided into three semesters that have six to seven modules each, depending on the college offering the course: 


This is a double major program that combines B.E. and MBA degrees at the end of which the student is awarded a B.E. (in Mechanical Engineering) and an MBA (in Management). The program usually trains students for various roles in the automotive industry but offers opportunities for career advancement to trade professionals, managers, and industrial engineers. In addition, its combination with business skills offers a good alternative to mechanical engineering graduates who aren’t interested in pursuing a career in Management. 

What is Minimum Eligibility?

The minimum eligibility age for Diploma in Automobile Engineering involves graduation from the 10th class or completion of a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 55 percent marks or equivalent. The entrance examination may be mandatory in some institutes. Students who hold a B.E. degree are eligible to study in the master’s program and move on to higher academic grades to complete their education and obtain a Ph.D. or another doctoral degree, which is an advanced research qualification that can qualify them for various positions as researchers or professors at universities or industrial laboratories. 

What are you waiting for? Get your diploma in Automobile Engineering today!

This course is an introduction to the fundamentals of automotive engineering. The student will learn about different types and models and their location about one on a vehicle for maximum efficiency or performance purposes while understanding how these components work together! The online courses will also include fundamental information about automotive repair and basic automobile maintenance, which is very important for anyone working in the auto industry!

The Syllabus for the Diploma in Automobile Engineering.

The Diploma in Automobile Engineering syllabus can be different from school to school, so you should apply to a college that offers the program you want. If you want to enroll Diploma in Automobile then you need to know the basic things Such as how to sell online courses by provider which platforms they use, is this platforms is trustable etc.  Engineering However, the course usually consists of four semesters of study that have six to seven modules each: 

Module 1 – Introduction to Automotive Engineering

This module will include a general introduction to automotive engineering topics and terms. In addition, students will learn about the history of automobiles and how they evolved into the mechanical and electrical systems today.

Module 2 – Automotive Components

The second module will discuss suspension systems, engine technologies, brakes, and steering. Students will learn how different components operate together to provide smooth operation. 

Module 3 – Auto Maintenance and Repair

In this module, students will learn how to perform basic maintenance and repair tasks independently. Some components are covered briefly, while others are discussed in detail. Students will also learn to troubleshoot problems and make recommendations for repair.

Module 4 – Principles of Automotive Engineering Systems

This module deals with the principles of automotive engineering systems, including engine management, fuel systems, and drive trains. Students will also learn about computer-based control units in vehicles, emissions control systems, and power train design.

Module 5 – Advanced Topics

This module will teach advanced topics dealing with motorcycle and bicycle design, transmission systems, and drive trains. Students will also learn about the design and functionality of different tire types and how to maintain them for maximum efficiency.

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