What is a physical disability?

Physical disability affects an individual’s ability to move around freely. It either can be temporary or permanent. There is no one particular cause for physical disability. There are numerous causes for a physical disability. It can be inherited, accident, genetic, or a severe illness.

Can a physically disabled person find a job?

It is not a convenient task at all, but a physically disabled person can find a job. A disabled person can reach out to organisations that help disabled individuals with their disability employment services.They help disabled people find jobs so that they can lead their lives independently. They help disabled individuals to reach out to organisations such as Good Sammy that can employ them.

Common types of physical disabilities

  1. Acquired brain injuries – Acquired brain injuries are caused by the damage that happens to the cerebrum after birth. They can be caused through a broad scope of components, including a hit to the head, stroke, medications, contamination, illness like AIDs or malignant growth, or an absence of oxygen.

It is usual for some individuals with a cerebrum injury to experience difficulty handling data, arranging, and solving issues. They may likewise encounter changes to their conduct and character, physical and tactile abilities, or the ability to learn and think.

The impacts of brain injuries and the disabilities they cause can be transitory or perpetual. It depends on the individual.

Epilepsy – Epilepsy is a neurological disorder where an individual tends to face seizures regularly because of an unexpected eruption of electrical action in mind. Seizures can lead to unusual actions, odd sentiments or sensations, an adjustment of an individual’s conduct, and in a few cases, individuals lose their consciousness.

The reasons for epilepsy are still not discovered; however, cerebrum wounds, strokes, malignant growth, mental disease, and other hereditary problems can lead to epilepsy.

There are various types of epilepsy, and the seriousness of seizures experienced by individuals can differ generally. A few groups can handle their seizures with prescriptions, and the condition is not long-lasting for every individual. They get cured, and in a few cases, it lasts lifelong.

SCI (Spinal Cord Injury)

The spinal cord can get harmed if excessive force is applied and if the blood and oxygen supply does not reach the spinal cord. When the spinal cord has been injured, it prompts a deficiency of capacity like moving and other physical actions.

A spinal cord injury brings about paraplegia (loss of control beneath the chest) for specific individuals. For other people, it prompts quadriplegia (loss of control underneath the neck).

Accidents represent 79% of spinal cord wounds in Australia – out of 79%, most of the accidents are caused due to vehicle accidents. Different causes incorporate malignant growth, joint inflammation, diseases, blood clumps, and degenerative spinal conditions.

It also affects the ability of an individual to move and leads to paralysis. It might influence numerous parts of an individual’s body – like the cardiovascular and respiratory system, bladder and gut capacity, temperature, and a few more.

The above discussed are a few common physical disabilities that an individual might face. Apart from these, there are many other physical disabilities that an individual can face, such as spina bifida, cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, multiple sclerosis, and many more. If a disabled person is looking out for a job, they can reach out to organisations that offer disability employment services. These organisations will let a disabled individual find a job and lead an independent life.

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