What is a Travelex Cash Passport

Beside the pandemic of Covid-19, the term of traveling always was in the main attention of people in different levels. However the main issues about traveling abroad  in recent years were in the case of money exchange and making international payments. In this short article we will write about Travelex as one of the best foreign exchange companies with the ability of providing international payments services; in this way we will also write about its special services for its users.

Travelex & Its Features

As mentioned above, Travelex is not a company with exchange services, it is also providing international payments services and best rates for foreign currency exchange. Shortly to describe the Travelex features, customers can buy foreign currencies online and get it from the Travelex stores or from home delivery. Also, Travelex is providing the emails for customers to notify them about the best available exchange rates. It’s not important where users want to travel, Travelex is covering more than 40 currencies from all over the world and users can access these currencies with ordering them. So simply, in online format, users will choose the needed currency, will tap on the delivery option or pick up from the store; that’s the whole process, then the traveler can feel comfortable about the trip’s money.

Travelex Cash Passport

Additionally to services that mentioned, Travelex also offers different types of  prepaid cards for the ease of their customers. For instance, there is availability of Travelex Money Cards that can be topped up with more than 10 different, be used everywhere that accept Mastercard, be available in cash format from any ATMs. However the Travelex decided to make life more easier for travelers, so in this case they are providing the Multi-currency Cash Passport Prepaid Mastercard; its mean that users will be able to buy these cards from online website or Travelex stores, fill up it with different currencies, use it in worldwide in everywhere that accept debit Mastercards and having a cash from any ATMs. The main feature that made this Card unique, is about the possibility to carry multi currency cards anywhere, choose which currency to use at the moment. Should be noted that in case of not enough funds for specific currency, the card automatically reverts to the other currencies that are available in the card but with the fee of exchange rates. Also travelers will be able to move money from one currency to another.


Definitely, Travelex and its services, especially the Multi-currency Cash Passport Prepaid Mastercard, can be counted as one of the best types of services that today is available for travelers around the world. It not just makes the trip easier when travelers carry the Multi- Currency Cash Passport card, but it also helps to have a secure trip, manage money online and spend it online or offline in a comfortable way. For sure, travelers will look forward to the new updates and improvements from the Travelex company.

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