What is High-Pressured Laminated Sheet?

HPL laminated sheet or high-pressure laminated sheet (High-Pressured Laminated Sheet) made from synthetic material that feels And the surface is close to real wood. Complete the construction of the house รับสร้างบ้านโคราช Many homeowners prefer to decorate their homes with laminate sheets. which if you look superficially without noticing, may not be distinguished at all Due to the modern technology of production with synthetic materials, it is possible to imitate natural materials very much. In addition to wood grain laminate, there are also stone patterns, metal patterns, fabric patterns and many other patterns that are popular for use in decorating the skin.

Texture Type : Texture type of HPL laminates

Textures pattern that is very popular in modern times.

– wood grain texture

– metal texture

– bare plaster texture

– fabric texture

– Normal color smooth surface

Raw Material: raw materials and main components used in production

Production of high-pressure laminates (High-Pressured Laminated Sheet) generally uses 3 layers of components to be compressed together into a sheet consisting of

– The first layer is called Core, at the bottom, made of kraft paper mixed with resin. This layer serves to provide thickness and strength.

– The second layer is called Decorative Paper. This layer is thin paper. Printed in beautiful patterns such as wood patterns, fabric patterns, etc.

– The top layer is called Overlay. This layer is the coating itself. is a compound of resin Make the laminated surface resistant to water and scratches. In addition, some models have beautiful and realistic textures.

In general, laminate sheets produced in the market have an average thickness of 0.6 -1.0 mm.

Benefit : advantages

– The surface is resistant to moisture and scratches.

– Easy to clean It can be noted that the tables in the restaurant often use laminate in the top.

– There are a variety of textures to choose from.

– Today’s production technology can make textures imitate various types of real materials very much. Whether it’s wood, stone, plaster, fabric patterns or various types of metal.

– Patterns and colors are consistent and stable Because it is produced by printing on paper.

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