What is the gamble feature in slots?

One of the most popular games found in casinos is the slot. A slot machine is a game that usually has a display screen of symbols, reels that spin when activated by pushing a lever or button after an acceptable currency has been slipped in. It is used for gambling and can be found in other places such as pubs, hotels, airports, and clubs. Since the emergence of the internet, slots can be found online too – click to play Luck Irish slot.

The online slot is a version of the traditional slot that can be played on the internet. Slots are known to have amazing features and a wide variety of games from which players can choose to play. Once you can match a winning combo in a slot game, you have a win.  Slots have a feature called the gamble feature.

Gamble feature in slots

The gamble feature in a slot machine has been in existence since the earliest fruit slot machines were introduced. It is a feature that allows players to gamble with their winnings; they either get double their winnings or lose all their winnings. This feature is mostly known as the double or nothing feature. The gamble feature is not available in all slots; it is mostly found in low volatility slots that are slots that payout frequently. It is activated when a player hits a win. Before now, the gamble feature used to be just picking between yes and no. Nowadays, there are different types of gamble features. When a player has earned a win, the slot offers the player a gamble feature game which has to do with choice. If the player chooses right, the win is doubled, and all is lost if the choice is wrong.

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Types of gamble features

Different types of gamble features are available in different slots. These gamble features include:

  •       Card games: This is a very common feature in slots, and it is easy to understand. This gamble feature has variations. The players can be asked to determine what color the next card would be, and the available colours are red and black. So, it is either the next card is black or red. Plays double their winnings if the right color is picked and lose all when wrong. Other times, players can be asked to choose whether the next card will be higher or lower than the card displayed.
  •       Coin Toss: In this type of gamble feature, players have to decide correctly what side a coin will land on. You simply have to pick between heads or tails to double your money.
  •       Pick a symbol: Some symbols are displayed on the screen, and players must select the correct symbol to reveal a prize, or they lose. The number of symbols can be three or four.

Some types of gamble features are peculiar to a particular slot developer. 

When to use the gamble feature in slots

The gamble feature is available after you earn a win. It is advisable to use the gamble feature after quite some winnings so you can bet just your current win. Some type of gamble features offers you the option of splitting up your win. Nowadays, other offers allow you to choose how much you wish to use to gamble.

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