What is the mission of Make-A-Wish International?

The mission of Make-A-Wish International

When the childhood of a critically ill child is disrupted by a diagnosis, a parent’s worst nightmare comes true. Instead of a carefree childhood with important milestones, a child often spends much time in a cold hospital room. Make-A-Wish International believes that these children and their families deserve all the extra joy and hope they can get. Read more about the work and the mission of Make-A-Wish International.

Who is Make-A-Wish International?

Every 20 minutes a child is diagnosed with a critical illness, globally. Make-A-Wish International has come to life to give children and their loved ones an unforgettable experience. Research has shown that over 97% of the parents whose kids went on a wish journey, said their child’s emotional health improved.

Granting the wish of a child provides them and everyone around them with extra strength and confidence. This builds up the resilience of a child and can help them believe even more in themselves.

A wish journey

Make-A-Wish International gives hope to children by granting their wishes. But a wish journey does not occur out of the blue. Thousands of volunteers, corporate partners and donors are the engine behind each wish journey.

A wish journey can take up to months of planning, anticipating and crafting the most unique wish possible. Each wish is carefully crafted according to the personality and interests of a child.

The magical impact of Make-A-Wish International

When you help grant a wish for a critically ill child it makes a huge difference in their life. Wish children get to experience the most special adventures. The only true limit is their imagination.

Make-A-Wish International crafts each custom-made wish journey based on the child. A child lives up to their wish day. But it’s not just an extraordinary experience for the child. The whole family of the child gets to be part of the wish journey. A wish journey enables the family to spend much needed quality time together and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Donate today and give hope to critically ill children

Make-A-Wish International awakens the inner strength of a critically ill child by granting their wish. These young children are dealing with treatments, scans, tests and hospital stays. A wish journey gives a child hope to endure more difficult times.

Everyone involved in the wish journey enjoys the benefits. An unforgettable wish journey that will turn anxiety into hope.

Make-A-Wish International cannot grant these wishes by themself. A wish journey comes to life because of the hard work of volunteers, corporate sponsors, local organizations, and generous donations.

Any donation, larger or small, helps Make-A-Wish International to continue fulfilling wishes and making an impact on the lives of critically ill children and their loved ones. Make a donation and give hope.

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