What is the right pressure washer machine in Kenya?

The inexpensive price of a Karcher great pressure washer in Kenya was 32,800ksh in the earlier 40 months.
The price variance between the low-priced and the uppermost price of Karcher high-pressure washer complete demeanor in Kenya is around 1900 shillings

Karcher pressure washer is single of the most profitable commercial. Kenya is a rising middle pay with so a lot of individuals in the mid-class buying cars as such, with dependable car launder engine. One may be capable to make money washing cars for breathing. With all the deliberations to jerk a car wash professional, the Karcher high-pressure wash price machine in Kenya might take your attention.

Types of Karcher pressure washer

there are two broad types of pressure washer machines based on the intended user

1. Domestic pressure washer
2. Professional wash machine

Features to look out for in a Karcher pressure

2. Water flow rate

A high water course amount means that the engine rewards more water flow in a second. This subsequently means that you’re washing chore be able to transfer more rapidly since you have additional water for your removal on the mandate.

3. Pressure

A decent apparatus with high capacity can achieve the great force of smooth up to 150 bars. With this burden, water is ejected at great swiftness from the control valve making cleaning identical easy.

4. Engine size or power

The third feature that unswervingly disturbs the first two is locomotive extent or power. The more sophisticated the power the greater the protracted flow ratio and pressure

5. Hose length

Karcher pressure washer price in Kenya has been termed as worthy and relatively affordable.
The horse span is an imperative consideration since it governs how outlying you can interchange from the car wash apparatus when washing when cleaning. A big adequate hose tolerates you to change around the car minus requiring to transport the machine about to reach the other flank. Most specialized replicas come with long adequate hoses and even control chain ropes for electronic persons.

6. Portability

Whether you are purchasing the car washing engine for national use movability is a vital factor to have in mind. The commanding car wash engine that influence be on the weighty side come equipped with rolls for a laid-back drive. Those deprived of rolls should be frivolous and have handles for easy quiet movement.

Factors affecting the price of Karcher pressure washers

When it comes to density ring prices in Kenya, numerous features come into performance. Foremost is the variety that you are purchasing. Prominent superiority trademarks such as Karcher cost extra than the other petite identified marques existing in the marketplace.One more feature that distresses the Karcher engine cost is the apparatus control or price. The better or more controlling the engine is the developed the cost. One should purchase his or her Karcher washer from a dependable and right-hand contractor.


Karcher washer pressure machine in Kenya can help a buyer make the correct best when it comes to cherry-picking a laundry engine.

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