What makes Fusion Plus Ceramic coating great? 

Cars are not just vehicles. They are pieces of art. Every art piece needs maintenance. For cars, it is constant washing and waxing. But what if there was a way to reduce the times one washes their car, something like a semi-permanent wax coating. That is what Fusion Plus Ceramic Coating does. It is a product from Xpel that covers the car in a hydrophobic ceramic coating that makes the car let out a deep and matt shine. But what makes it so unique and, why is every car lover talking about it. Here is all that one needs to know about the game-changing ceramic coating:

What is Fusion plus ceramic coating?

It is a ceramic coating solution applied to the car to give a shine and waxed appearance. It also has the added advantage of providing the vehicle with a hydrophobic coating. A of a variant of Silicon dioxide (SiO2)  is used that forms a thin layer above the paint. It binds with the tint at a molecular level. Therefore it does not come off quickly and can last years.

Why should one use it?

It uses molecular technology alright, But why must one buy it? The answer is simple. The most annoying and expensive part of maintaining one’s car is waxing it. It takes a lot of time. It is costly, and the shine fades off in days. It can all be fixed by simply switching to Fusion plus. The coating is hydrophobic and so washing the car is easier than ever and can be completed by simply using the two bucket technique. As for the waxing problem, the coat binds at a molecular level and gives it a long-lasting shine. A single application process can provide a guaranteed shine for about four years.

What makes it so extraordinary?

Three main things make this product unique and innovative, they are:

The variety offered: 

Ceramic coating is usable on any surface of the car. It is suitable for metal alloy wheels, plastic spoilers, metal body or even carbon fibre parts. The application of the ceramic coating is to be preceded by the application of Xpel’s Paint Protection Film to attain the best results. But this is not a necessity. It can be applied directly to the surface after proper cleaning.

Car cleaning made easy: 

Washing cars becomes way easier after getting a coat of Fusion plus. The water doesn’t stay on the car surface and rolls off. Another great feature is that mud likes to stick with water rather than with ceramic coating. Therefore the dirt falls away along with the water. It reduces the work and the amount of water required to clean the vehicle.

Long-lasting shine:

Everybody wants their car to be shiny and sparkling. But this comes at a cost. The waxing process takes up a lot of time. It is also required to do it regularly to maintain the lustre. Fusion Plus Ceramic Coating comes with a four-year guarantee, which means that the shine will last four years. It is a one-time investment that can significantly reduce car maintenance cost.

Cars are machines that can help one travel places. But in that process, it becomes dirty and loses its shine. Everybody wishes to keep the car in the same condition in which it came out of the dealership. Ceramic coating is the closest one can get to it. That is why it is so popular. It makes the lives of the drivers easier. It also makes the car look way better. It is what car lovers always wanted. And now it is reality. It is a great innovation that has changed the car maintenance industry. It is a must-have for any car owner, so get it now. Drive safe and drive responsibly.

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