What Questions Should I Ask a Catering Service?

When you are looking for a caterer in Kolkata for your wedding, there are a few things you should ask them. You will want to make sure that they are professional and engaged with the questions you ask. The questions you ask should be engaging and informative. You may want to find out more about what the caterer likes about different venues, how much they charge for a sit-down meal, and how they price their buffets.

Questions to ask a caterer before hiring

Before deciding to hire a caterer, ask a few questions to make sure you’re getting the best service possible. One important question to ask is about their food safety training and certification. Also, ask if they’re insured and have the appropriate permits. Ask if they’re covered by liquor liability insurance, too. A catering company that isn’t insured could leave you responsible for injuries caused by drunk guests.

Next, find out how many staff members they’ll be providing for your event. Some caterers have their own kitchens, while others have cooking stations on site. Check to see how many employees will be necessary to serve a large crowd. You can also ask them if they will provide wine and water from the bar for guests to serve themselves. You should also find out how many staff members will be working on the night of the event.


Pricing is an important consideration for any catering service, but how do you decide how much to charge? There are a few questions you can ask to ensure that you are getting the most affordable catering possible. It is also important to know how much your catering will cost per plate. This will give you a base price to work with. While the average cost per plate will vary, it should be within your budget. To determine how much to charge per plate, you can look at how similar other venues are to yours.

The first question you need to ask a catering service is how much their prices are for different events. If you are hosting a business meeting, the pricing is going to be different than if you are throwing a wedding or a formal affair. You also need to know how many service staff they will have for your event. Often, a catering company will not list their prices on their website, so you will have to call to get the details. Depending on the event, you might find that the cost per head can vary significantly.


If you are looking for a wedding caterers in Kolkata for your next special event, diversification can help you find it. People gravitate to people that look like them. Having servers that speak other languages makes a visit feel less intimidating. Offering menus in other languages also makes your guests feel more at home. Offering menus in different languages will attract a diverse group of customers and staff. Having a diverse staff means that you will have a more diverse customer base.

Having a diverse team is an important factor for successful operations. Not only does having a diverse workforce attract more customers, but it also means you can make better decisions. Statistically, inclusive teams are more likely to make decisions twice as fast and produce 60 percent more results. Whether you’re hiring a restaurant or catering service, diversity is essential for your success. But how can you ensure your catering service is a good fit for your event? There are several ways to do it.


When choosing a catering service, there are several things to look for. Whether the catering service has enough staff or not, this will determine the quality of their food. A catering service should be willing to provide samples of their food, so you can choose what you like best. If possible, ask if they charge extra for this. Otherwise, you might want to look elsewhere. Some caterers offer a range of themes and menus.


If you’re looking for someone with experience and hands-on knowledge, this question is the right one for you. Be honest with yourself and explain why you think your experience qualifies you to be a catering manager. Show that you’re practical and can work well in a busy environment. Show your interviewer that you’re able to adapt to changing situations and meet deadlines. Then, be sure to provide examples of any previous events you’ve catered.

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