What Should You Do After Suffering a Concussion

A concussion is when someone hits their head in some form or fashion, usually resulting in temporary mental changes such as blurred vision, memory loss, confusion, and more. It is a form of traumatic brain injury and can be caused in many ways. It may result from a blow to the head, but it can also occur when an object pierces the skull and enters brain tissue. When someone receives a good enough concussion, they may go into shock or even die due to bleeding in the brain. Some guidelines say a person cannot play a sport again after being concussed more than once. The damage caused by concussions is often permanent. If you think you have suffered a trauma, you should see a specialist with experience in treating a concussion in San Diego. In this article, we look at the steps you should take if you suffer a concussion.

  • Rest

The first step you should take if you think you have a concussion is to rest. Do not do anything that will stress your head or body. It would be best to rest to recover your brain tissues and blood vessels and allow the inflammation and pressure you’re feeling in your head to go down. If you’re trying to get back into the game too early, the chances are that you’re going to have another concussion soon.

  • Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol

The next thing you should do is avoid caffeine and alcohol. Caffeine and alcohol are known to increase inflammation in the brain, which can make your concussion worse. So until you’re feeling better, it would be a good idea to avoid them altogether. If this is going to be a problem for you because either of those substances might be a part of your daily routine, please talk to someone who has experience with concussions.

  • Sleep

The next thing you should do is sleep for up to 8 hours within a 24-hour time frame. It gives your brain and its blood vessels sufficient time to rest and repair themselves. It will also help reduce the symptoms that you’re having, such as headaches. Each individual is different, but most people who suffer concussions find that sleeping helps them feel better. If your headaches are severe, you should always use a pillow or some other object that can help support your neck while you sleep. It will ensure that you do not move around too much during the night and further damage your brain.

  • Avoid Screen Time

At this point, you need to avoid screen time. It includes watching TV and using a computer or phone for entertainment. These things stimulate the brain too much and will only make your symptoms worse at this stage. Enjoying nature is much better for your health right now, especially if it involves being outside without too much noise from cars going by.

In summary, a concussion is a severe head injury that occurs when someone hits their head in some form or fashion, usually resulting in temporary mental changes. If you suffer a concussion, you should avoid screen time and stay away from caffeine. Also, get enough sleep and rest.

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