What to Know When Writing Anonymously

People are bullies whether we accept it or not. We act nice when someone is judging us or when we fear consequences. The internet, however, is different from the real world. You will see different personalities online and offline. 

People might avoid saying anything to your face because it could cause problems for them, but you can’t touch them through the internet. It’s not just bullies that make the internet unsafe. There are also hackers, predators, and evil powers that are always looking for a vulnerability and they won’t allow anyone to speak against them. 

This is the reason why many people choose to act anonymously online. Here I’ve discussed the right way to be anonymous when you are writing anything on the internet. 

Pick a Pen Name

The very first thing you should do when planning to write anonymously is to pick a pen name. It’s the name you will use when you are discoursing on the internet. You might wonder why there is a need for a name when you are trying to remain nameless. 

You might have to publish a series of articles that probably relate to each other. You would want your audience to know who is talking to them and how they can find your articles. Make sure you pick a name that describes what you write about and don’t let anyone know about it. 

Only you should know your pen name to remain safe and anonymous. You might actually be able to build a following and trust with that name. Make sure you give some thought before deciding one pen name to represent yourself. 

Write Only for Trusted Sites

Just picking an anonymous name is not enough to stay safe. You won’t always be writing just for your own website. You don’t have any online following, so no one will read your articles. There are, however, many platforms that will publish your articles and share them with their followers. 

You should make a fake email address and contact only trusted websites that will not give away your information no matter what. Contact platforms like The Doe that are renowned for their principles about keeping the data of their writers a secret with them. Such sites only publish content after verifying its content. It doesn’t matter if articles are controversial. 

Consider Using a VPN

When you connect to a website, they can read a lot of your information like location and cookies. This is the reason why you can’t trust everyone. In addition to connecting only trusted sites with a fake email address, you should also hide your personal information. 

For the starters, switch to the incognito mode when contacting them. Furthermore, install a good VPN on your computer. It should be able to hide your location and any information about the device you are using. If they get just your IP address, they can use it to find you. A good VPN will also keep you protected from your own internet service provider. 

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