What you need to Know about Petrol water pumps in Kenya

This article takes a look at petrol water pumps on sale in Kenya. The article highlights the positive and negative attributes of the water pumps and their affordability. Water is life for both man, animal and plant. Water pumps are critical in helping us have sufficient quantities of water for use at home or on the farm.

Petrol water pumps, the guarantee for optimum output

Water pumps are available under two categories; namely, the dynamic displacement and positive displacement type. Additionally, there are water pumps categorised as surface pumps, submersible pumps or generator operated water pumps.

Both the surface and submersible water pumps use either solar energy or electricity. Generator driven water pumps are highly popular among Kenyans. They are the focus of this article.

Pump availability

Petrol driven pumps are the most readily available in the market. Clearly, they have an advantage over solar and electric power pumps. Petrol water pumps are suitable for day to day use since they are not susceptible to climatic changes unlike solar pumps that are reliant on the availability of the sun, hence subject to prevailing weather conditions.

Electricity driven water pumps are dependent on availability of electricity supply, but this is not always guaranteed as evidenced by numerous, often unexplained blackouts countrywide. Generator water pumps are either petrol or diesel driven.visit the site bolly4u


The reason petrol water pumps are more popular among Kenyans is because they are affordable and petrol is available anywhere in the country. Besides, Petrol water pump prices in Kenya are pocket friendly. Electrically driven pumps have more challenges, especially in areas where electric supply is erratic or the national power grid has not reached.

More people are predisposed to use petrol water pumps not just because of the availability of petrol, but because they guarantee a high water flow rate and have the power to pump water to great heights.More info for visit the site tamilmv

Pump positioning

Unlike other water pumps like the solar powered and electricity driven that can either operate on the surface (above and out of the water) and can be submersible (operating under the water), petrol water pumps operate from the surface.

Pump output

Petrol water pumps have varied capacities. Some have low water volume with high or low pressure while others have high water volume with high or low pressure. The buyers’ needs will determine which pump is appropriate. water pump prices in Kenya are affordable to many, hence their widespread acceptability and use across the country.

An added advantage of petrol water pumps is that they are portable and come in different sizes that fit different needs.


Today, a water pump is a basic need for every home. This is true of areas where piped water is yet to reach and areas where the predominant sources of water are wells and boreholes. Manual fetching of water from boreholes is tedious and time consuming, which is why petrol water pumps are increasingly becoming the first choice of many.

Given the erratic weather patterns, irrigation farming is the way to go, and petrol water pumps are the answer.

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