Where Can I Do a Reverse Email Search?

A great way to verify the identity of someone using their email address is to use a reverse email lookup service. By inputting an email address into a reverse lookup tool, you can find alternative phone numbers and social media accounts that can reveal the real identity of someone. Running an email lookup is a good idea when you receive malicious emails, phishing emails, or other unsolicited emails. You can easily find a specific person by accessing databases and public search engines.

Why do a reverse email search?


There are plenty of reasons to do a reverse lookup. It’s a great way to verify the real identity of an online seller or buyer. Before providing personal information to an online seller, it’s a good idea to use a reverse lookup to ensure you aren’t talking to a scammer. You can track an old friend or relative using an email search. Simply type an old email address into the search bar to find their location information and phone number.

It’s a good idea to run an email address lookup before meeting someone online. This will help you confirm the validity of an online profile and help you avoid getting caught up in a scam or social catfish scheme. Employers can run background checks to learn accurate educational information and employment history before getting involved with clients or workers.

How do you perform a reverse search?

There are several ways to run a reverse email lookup, including manually scanning search results or utilizing an online tool. You can copy and paste an email address into the Google search bar and the search engine will give relevant results. You can type an email address into social media platforms and find the social media profile associated with it. There are also free reverse email lookup services like GoLookUp that give users access to public data.

The email lookup service aggregates millions of databases to help users find the target person behind spam emails, perform reverse searches, obtain consumer reports, and more. The lookup tool is the best way to access contact information, phone numbers, social network information, background checks, marital status, unclaimed money, and property information. A simple email address search can result in search results for full name details, criminal records, employment information, current address, and other available information.

Any time you perform a reverse email search, you must abide by the rules and guidelines of the Fair Credit Report Act (FCRA).

Are the results legitimate?

Reverse email lookup methods aren’t without flaws, and sometimes, you don’t get factual information. While there are free address lookup tools, you may be directed to paid results. Some lookup services are limited to searching addresses in certain domains, such as personal emails or business emails. Not all results are instant, which is why it’s best to use a reverse lookup service with an email analysis feature for a better and faster search. The data quality isn’t always accurate with online lookup tools. Some use old databases with outdated information, making your search useless.

A reverse email search is the best way to confirm the identity of the owner of a valid email address. You can learn plenty of relevant information about someone once you confirm the email address. You can easily get access to personal information such as full name, location information, marital status, and close relatives. Contact information including phone numbers and alternative email addresses, as well as social media accounts, criminal records, public records, and court records, can also be accessed. Most lookup methods are legal, but your search must always meet FCRA compliance standards.

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