Which Oil is Best for Hair Growth and Thickness?

A beautiful, flowing, cascading hair is a dream for every woman. Even men these days are obsessed with thick, black and shiny hair. Good hair with vitality and bounce can make you look much younger and feel more confident. But to have a good set of hair takes patience and a good hair care routine.

The best way to get naturally beautiful hair is to invest in the best natural hair oil and a great hair care regimen. Good hair oil and a good hair care regimen can ensure that your hair is taken care of from the inside out and not just externally. Good hair is a result of a good diet, good personal care, and good hair care essentials such as hair oil, shampoo, etc

Hair Damage Causes

All of us are initially blessed with good hair but some of us have naturally thick and luscious hair and some have finer hair based on their genetics. As we grow up, the quality of hair gets even more damaged by the polluted water we use, the polluted air around us, the smoke of traffic and industries, the poor quality of food that we eat, and the stressful lifestyle that we lead.

All these factors tend to spoil the quality of our hair over time and create problems such as thinning hair, early grey hair, premature hair fall, hair loss, dandruff, flaky scalp, alopecia, and many such hair issues. There are some simple things that we can use to naturally help the hair outgrow its bad environment and sustain itself in a nourishing manner.

For this, one must truly concentrate on good hair care products such as the best natural hair oil, natural shampoo or hair cleanser, a natural conditioner, and many such things.

Inculcating a good hair routine by oiling your hair regularly and cleansing it often can give you a healthy and nourished scalp, healthy hair follicles, and stronger hair shafts which do not break easily. The result is thick, cascading, voluminous hair that is nourished from the inside out.

Natural Hair Oils to the Rescue

Natural hair oils can help in nourishing the scalp and eliminating scalp issues – which is the main reason for the hair to not grow well or become weak over time. A good healthy scalp ensures that there are healthy hair follicles which in turn give rise to healthy hair.

Natural hair oils do not contain any chemicals such as parabens, mineral oils, SLS, and artificial colors or dyes, therefore are perfectly safe for the hair and scalp. It often contains hair vitalizing ingredients such as:

  • Rosemary – Helps in faster hair growth and is rich in Iron
  • Coriander – Helps in cleansing the scalp and roots and nourishing it from within, Rich in Vit C
  • Palmarosa – Helps clear blocked pores and is rich in Vit E and Limonene
  • Coconut Milk – Moisturises and softens hair, eliminates dandruff, rich in Lauric Acid
  • Tea Tree – Keeps away inflammation and germs – natural antibacterial and antimicrobial agent
  • Aloe Vera – Repairs the hair, promotes new hair growth, rich in Proteolytic enzymes

These are some of the key ingredients that are used to make natural hair oils. These hair oils use herbal extracts and are derived from natural ingredients and help in nourishing the hair and scalp for healthy and thick hair. With regular use of these hair oils, hair becomes naturally healthy and less prone to damage.

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