Who was juice Wrld?

He was an American singer, writer, and rapper. He was born in Calumet Park and letter. He is moving toward his homeland. His birth name was” Jared Anthony Higgins” and born on December 2, 1998. His mother was religious and did not allow him to listen to music. He inspired his mother at four years when he plays piano. After this, he was interested in rapping.

Juice Wrld Early projects;

Juice Wrld become an artist when he studying in his first year .his first track was released in 2015 as named “forever”.” All girls are the same “his famous album.

Personal life;

Higgins (juice Wrld) was using drugs and his mother said that he was using drugs when he was on top. Drugs cause his death. At the time of death, he was living with his girlfriend “Ally Lotti”. Higgins dislikes Donald trump.

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