Why do people do drugs?

People do drugs for many reasons, but firstly what really happens is the act that takes place that makes them do drugs for the first time in their life. And if it is something they liked, or something that helped them feel at peace, they will do it again and again until that peace becomes addiction and that addiction because the cause of their demise. This is something parents and teachers are really concerned about these days. The reason for doing drugs and why it keeps happening can be a simple case of finding a comfort zone, but the thing is there can be better comfort zones.

Speaking of comfort zones, food can be comfort zone, but it can bring with itself another disease which is obesity. The thing is, nothing should be that big of a comfort zone that it can become an addiction, or at least the comfort zone should be used as in moderation like everything else in life to keep check and balances for your mindset.

So, the reason drug addiction starts are because someone goes through a really traumatic time in their life; this traumatic time or even can be a death of someone that they truly loved. And the thought of them never being there ever is what frustrates them and they want to numb this pain. The best way for some people is through drugs, just take drugs like heroin, cocaine, LSD, and forget about the world for a few hours until the drug addiction wears off. But, this is just a temporary solution, that feeling of losing someone is still there, and the reason people keep doing drugs is because of unresolved mental issues which later become mental diseases like depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder etc.

Not only losing someone is a reason, it can be anything, losing a good job, losing a car that you loved, losing a pet—can be anything you lost or any event where you got hurt to a point where drugs seemed like the easiest way to ease the pain. Although there are other alternatives available, like exercising, meditation, therapy, but people aren’t in the right minds to even think of such things, you need your family and friends to advise you in such regards, sometimes it is just too late to advise someone and they end up on a path to drug addiction.

People do drugs for many other reasons as well, they first reason which is going through a traumatic event and finding a comfort zone is the main reason. Others are a bit mild like wanting to try them because they think that doing drugs will make them look cool or put them in the cool-kids club of their institution they are in whether it is an educational institution or a workplace environment, this can be another reason. One more reason can be that it is in their genes because it is recorded that such genes can pass on, the genes of being drug addicts, if your great grandfather was addicted to drugs, you can be too. Another reason is the company you surround yourself in, if you sit with drug addicts, you will at some point try drugs and get hooked on them too.

So, everyone has to make a constant conscious effort in order to stay away from drugs. These are the main reasons why people do drugs and if you are someone who might be in the early stages or even if you are in the end stages or someone you know is, then you or they should get an appointment at a rehab center. To get one, click on the following link:

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